Picture this. You are in second grade and the flowers are just popping out of the yard. It is the first day of spring. You are running around outside your backyard with you neighbors and you suddenly see your mom approaching. She yells "Anyone want to get Ritas?"

Rita's Italian Ice was a favorite dessert in my house, especially on the first day of spring when it was free. As I aged, the iconic water ice was always a treat to have in the hot sun. Here are the 5 reasons why you should be excited, thrilled, and fanatic about Rita's Italian Ice opening for the summer.

1. Spring Is Coming

Rita's Italian Ice, because it is a summer treat, is only open during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. It officially opens the first day of spring and closes the third Sunday in September. Because the Italian ice shop opens on the first day of spring, this means that summer is quickly approaching. Beach weather, flip-flops, barbecues, and late night ice cream (Or Rita's) drives are coming. 

2. So Many Flavors

From key lime to rootbeer to sour patch kids, Rita's has everything for everyone in the family. The endless combinations make everyone happy and you can always try out a new flavor. Something I personally like is that you can mix soft serve ice cream AND Italian ice; you get the best of both worlds.

3. There is one Super Close to Campus

Here at the University of Delaware, our campus is officially 1,996 acres. We have Main Street that is filled with all types of restaurants and the best part is, Rita's is right down the street. Approximately 15 minutes from campus, the window at Rita's is an escape from college life where you can get refreshed from a long day of classes.

4. The Reward Program

Rita's has a reward program?? If you keep you virtual reward card active and purchase 8 ices, you are eligible to get a free Italian ice. Yes, I said free. This program is best for those people who love Italian ice, but also can work for anyone!

5. Ice is FREE on Opening Day.

Rita's prides itself on opening for business every year on the first day of spring. But they also promote themselves by having free Italian ice on opening day. This means that anyone can go to Rita's and get free Italian ice with no charge at all. 

Whether or not you attend the famous Italian ice store on the first day of spring, Rita's is always a hit with family or friends.