There’s always that time of the semester when you start to get the cravings for some good cheap Chinese food. Moving to Kansas City, I was in slight distraught at first when I didn’t know where to go to get something that was both tasty and fit in my budget. Soon, I discovered China Feast, and there hasn’t been another place like it that satisfies me or my classmates as much when we get the “Chinese food cravings”.

Located on Linwood Blvd just off of Main St., China Feast is just 3 miles from Volker campus, making it a short 10 minute drive. If you aren’t feeling like getting out of your car, there is drive thru, or you can order at the window, or call ahead for pickup. The best part is no matter what way you choose to take, the food will most likely be ready for you within 10-15 minutes. And they are open until 10 pm every night to satisfy even some late night cravings.

Not only does this place have great food, but the price is really reasonable with Chicken Fried Rice being $5.99 and not many things above $10. The portions are huge, and buying a meal from there always means leftovers for me for at least one other meal, but sometimes even two.

Do you feel sold yet? Here I have some Spoon-UMKC staff recommendations for China Feast, including what their favorite thing to order is there.

Erica Swanson: Special Lo Mein

This is hands- down the best Lo Mein I've had in Kansas City. I love the vegetables that come with it, and there's even shrimp in it! 

Jennifer Nguyen: Vegetable Fried Rice

chicken, rice
Jennifer Nguyen

“The vegetable fried rice is probably my favorite dish to get, because I get plenty of veggies and rice—two of my favorite combinations.”

Christina Gomez: General Tsos Chicken and Special Soup

honey, beans, chicken, rice
Christina Gomez

“Try their special soup. It’s actually pretty healthy and comes in a whole quart size. It has shrimp, beef, and tons of veggies in a chicken broth, basically a stir fry in a broth, but I liked it. 

Brooklynn Morris: Sweet and Sour Chicken

Brooklynn Morris

"I like China Feast, because it's fast, easy, and really good Chinese! The sweet and sour chicken is one of my favorites and lasts me about 3 meals."

These are just a few of the many options that China Feast has to offer! Go now, and you're bound to find something that satisfies your needs.