The Apple Shed, located in Kent's Hill, Maine, is filled with cakes, pies, and homemade pizza! It is definitely worth the 30 minute drive from campus, making it the perfect hidden gem across from Kent's Hill Boarding school. 

1. The Atmosphere

Signy Coakley

When you walk in you will be greeted with an enormous amount of sweet, doughy scents from cakes, muffins, and freshly baked scones and croissants. The Shed also carries a wide selection of great sauces and fresh, homemade jams to bring home (or back to your dorm room to be devoured with a spoon)! 

2. The Cake

Signy Coakley

This cake requires no description. Just get it. It's a gift from the kitchen that will have you going back for more! If cake isn't your thing, the wide selection of muffins and brownies is also a great alternative. 

3. Baked Goods For Every Occassion 

Signy Coakley

Need a treat for a special someone, or how about for the roomie? Look no further, treats and cakes are the Shed's specialty, and you will likely leave with more than just one. 

4. The Pizza 

Signy Coakley

Their specialty is the breakfast pizza, which is unreal. But if you aren't a big b-fast person (which, let's face it - sometimes I just want to skip to dessert) this vegetable slice is for you! The homemade crust and sauce were good enough reasons to get an extra slice for the drive back. 

5. Rice Krispy Treats

Their homemade rice krispy's are almost (emphasis on the almost) too pretty to eat! Perfect to pick up for a friend, or even yourself to brighten your own day. Whatever works! 

6. Smiling Hill Farm Milks 

I never was a huge milk person, but the homemade milks here are delicious. The flavors range from blueberry to the chocolate milk, so there's a flavor for everyone to love

7. The Homemade Meals (To Go) 

In the back of the store there are two freezers stocked with frozen meals that you can take home for later! This five cheese penne pasta is an all time favorite served at the Apple Shed. They also have a great chicken pot pie served on Saturdays only.

It's the perfect weekend escape spot close to campus!