It’s Sunday morning, you feel like you’ve just been crapped out and all you want is some cheesy meaty carbs and the hair of the dog that bit ya. Nothing sounds worse than waiting 45+ minutes in a small, cramped lobby while watching families exit with their children while simultaneously judging you.

Cut the crap and get over to the Artful Dodger for brunch.

1. Service

Dear Abby, you and coffee make Mondays better ☕ #harrisonburg #artfuldodgercafe #manicmonday

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Never have I ever…. had to wait more than about 20 minutes to be seated at the dodger. Plus, once you’re seated the staff is friendly and attentive.

You may have three different people taking your order, delivering your food, or busing your table. At the dodger, they all help each other out, which makes being a guest there feel more like being a part of the hipster in-crowd.

2. Drink Specials

$2 mimosas, $4 bloody mary’s. From 10AM-4PM. What does this mean for you? This means you can wake up at noon, take an hour to get ready, and still pretend like you’re a functioning adult drinking breakfast drinks for the next three hours.

3. Food Prices

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As college students, we are both broke and desperate for delicious breakfast food following a night of binge drinking and bad decisions. The dodger is hooking you up with menu items that make even the most decisive customers take a second look, at prices that won’t make you want to cry. Talk about getting bang fo’ yo’ buck.

4. Atmosphere

If you’ve only experienced the dodger in the low-lit fog of $2 Tuesdays, you haven’t really experienced it at all. Grab a table when there’s actual daylight and there isn’t a DJ bumping the tunes of regret and cheap liquor drinks.

You’ll find walls that are decorated with unique art presented auction-style, and the entire place is glittered with vintage treasures that definitely beat the greasy tiled walls of the waffle house (just sayin’).

5. Outdoor Seating

The unmistakable rainbow awning is just the beginning. Outside the front doors of the dodger, you will find additional seating for those who choose to enjoy brunch in open air. The walls of the patio have been painted over with murals that will make you feel artsy af while you’re sipping your morning (or afternoon) Joe and enjoying the view of court square.

6. Quality

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Some would say that the most impressive detail the Dodger provides is the clever and satisfying presentation of their dishes. Add in the fact that all their coffee mugs are unique (my favorite of which sporting a Native American chief riding horseback in the mountains) and you’ve got the ultimate hole in the wall experience.

7. Variety

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Feelin breakfast? Feelin lunch? Either way, you will be feelin the love at the Dodger. The Morning Glory checks all the breakfast boxes with mini pancakes, toast, made-to-order eggs, and your choice of sausage or bacon.

If you’re ready to kick it into lunch mode, try the Gobbler sandwich that slays the game with turkey, bacon, avocado, and smoked gouda stacked on sourdough.