Salads may have a bad rep, but whoever said salads can’t be delicious was dead wrong. It’s time to stop labeling healthy food as bland and tasteless. Yes, salads may be nutritious, but they are definitely not boring. Tasty salads are packed with unique flavors and textures to keep your taste buds guessing. These seven New York City stops will prove that salads can be just as satisfying as a piece of pizza and will leave you feeling happier and healthier (maybe).

The Butcher’s Daughter


Photo courtesy of @theclassycloud on Instagram

Also known as the “vegetable slaughter house,” the Butcher’s Daughter captains the health-food craze. If you are one of those kale haters, the spicy kale caesar will revolutionize your opinion about the leafy green. Toasted almonds, crispy onions, seasoned breadcrumbs AND avocado are packed into this deadly creation.

ABC Kitchen NYC


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ABC Kitchen is dedicated to serving locally sourced, sustainable and all-natural foods and even has its own rooftop garden to guarantee these promises. The restaurant is best known for its ungodly roasted carrot and avocado salad, proving that not all salads require lettuce. If you want something a little heartier, try the seared salmon salad with market vegetables and a carrot sesame vinaigrette.

Hu Kitchen


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The Hu Kitchen is looking to start a health food revolution. They are dedicated to serving all-natural, unprocessed foods that don’t sacrifice taste. Stop by the kitchen to try an outrageous roasted squash, kale and beet salad.



Photo courtesy of @taimfalafel on Instagram

Taïm may be a world-renowned falafel and smoothie bar, but their salads don’t disappoint either. If you are in the mood for traditional Mediterranean food, order the falafel salad. But if you want to mix it up, try the quinoa salad which is packed with almonds, spinach, and lemon. You won’t be able to resist everyone’s favorite superfood.

The Little Beet


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The Little Beet lives up to its philosophy: to serve real food deliciously. Their menu boasts loads of local, sustainable and farm-fresh options, which will leave you feeling light and satisfied. If you’re in a lazy mood, try one of their delicious poke bowls, but if you want to embrace your inner chef, go wild and create your own plate.



Photo courtesy of @balaboosta on Instagram

Balaboosta creates dishes with the perfect balance of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. The roasted broccoli salad pops with exotic flavors like red pepper tahini and pickled fresno. While their “simple” market salad, (grilled endive, toasted pecans and pickled pear) will shock your taste buds.



Photo courtesy of @nicole.chenn on Instagram

by CHLOE. aims to redefine what it means to eat well by sharing meals with nourishing and delicious ingredients. Improve your mind, body and health with one of their hearty and crisp salads. The quinoa taco bowl is a must-try with spicy chorizo, sweet corn, tortilla strips and avocado.