If your diet is anything like mine, it consists of 90% dessert and 10% regular food. Honestly, my freshmen 15 did not come from Chik-fil-a and VGs (ok maybe I did have one too many late night breakfast burritos), but from the delectable sweets SLO has to offer. I went from occasionally ordering a dessert for dinner, to having sweets right after every one of my meals (yes it is possible to have dessert after breakfast). So the real question is, where can I get the best desserts here in SLO? After two years of living in SLO—and moving up one or two pants sizes— I've finally compiled a list of the top 7 places every sweet tooth needs to indulge in. 

1. Cowboy Cookies

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Andrea Amavisca

Cowboy Cookies is one of those shops you blindly walk by in downtown but it should not be slept on. They offer a wide range of authentic cookies, some of which include the "Nuttie" (chocolate chip with walnuts), the "Wrangler" (oatmeal coconut rice krispy), and my personal favorite the "Spotted Critter" (peanut butter chocolate chip). These original cookies are offered for individual sale, made into cookie sandwiches, or shaped into edible bowls topped with your favorite flavor(s) of ice cream. Nothing more satisfying than having a bowl of ice cream and getting to eat it all (literally). 

2. Old West Cinnamon Rolls

I often times find myself at Pismo Beach, sunburnt and starving. The best cure? Getting a rich cinnamon roll at Old West. Old West's plain cinnamon rolls are already heavenly, but they offer unique rolls that include extra frosting, pecan, raisin walnut, almond and my mouthwatering favorite, crumb. Next time you're in Pismo, swing by Old West Cinnamon Rolls to enjoy scrumptious, gooey rolls that will rejuvenate yourself from a long day at the beach. 

3. Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant 

For the longest time I couldn't decide whether or not ice cream or gelato is better but Giuseppe's gelato bar made that an easy decision for me— gelato by far. Now I've never traveled to Europe, but I'd imagine it would taste like Giuseppe's Hazelnut gelato. Packed with small bits of hazelnut, the hazelnut gelato perfectly embodies the taste of one of my all time favorite candies, Ferrero Rocher, and one of my guilty pleasures, Nutella. 

4. Snofari Frozen Yogurt 

After discovering Snofari, it was hard for me to return back to my regular fro-yo spots such as YogurtLand, Teaberry, or Yocre. They have the widest variety of toppings I have ever seen a frozen yogurt shop offer. On top of that, they regularly switch out their flavors so there's always something new to try. My personal favorite, Dole Whip Pineapple, tastes exactly like the ones you willingly endure hours for at Disneyland for a much cheaper price and topped with fresh fruit. For those who are lactose intolerant, they also serve Italian ice, which you can go 50/50 on the flavors for. 

5. My Thai Restaurant 

My Thai is definitely at the top of my list for the best Thai food SLO has to offer. Not only is their Red Curry to die for, but so are their desserts. They offer exceptional dessert options ranging from thai custard and sticky rice, banana a la mode, and pictured above mango and sticky rice. The hot sticky rice instantaneously melts in your mouth and pairs perfectly with the fresh crunch and flavor of mango. 

6. Custom House 

Next to their S'mores Bar, Custom House's Hot Apple Wrap a la Mode is one of the tastiest desserts I've had in my lifetime. It effortlessly combines the traditional taste of apple pie with cheesecake, wrapped and fried to perfection in a cinnamon tortilla, complimented by rich vanilla ice cream. 

7. Fay's Fusion

For all my Boba lovers, I know how hard it is suffering from good Boba withdrawals after having to move to SLO. Luckily, Fay's Fusion can help cope with your nostalgia. Fay's Fusion offers a wide variety of tropical, fruity, and classical boba drinks that taste just as good, or even better than some of my hometown favorite boba shops. Apart from their boba, Fay's Fusion also serves savory dim sum and traditional Asian desserts, such as the mint and plum wine mochi pictured above. For more adventurous eaters, Fay's Fusion is also well known for their ube ice cream and matcha tiramisu. 

Two years later and I have to say I've been more than fortunate to have found these hidden gems. Although my wallet and jeans are begging me to stop, these desserts will always be at the top of my list.