Oh how easy it is to say “let’s brunch!” Living in what is arguably the world’s brunching capital, though, means that deciding where to brunch is often half the battle. As commencement approaches, there are few better ways to take advantage of the last few months of school than by doing one of the things New York has taught us to do best. We did all the hard work and narrowed down the never-ending list of great restaurants to seven spots that you should try before graduating. Happy brunching!

Café Cluny

This classic bistro is tucked away in the heart of the West Village and has an ethereal ambience that can’t really be put into words. I’ve fallen victim multiple times to their homemade light and crunchy granola (and I’m not even a granola person). Their Breakfast Club Sandwich and Brioche French Toast are also great, popular choices.


Photo by Sristi Pradhan


Three words: bottomless mimosa brunch. Not only can you sit around for hours drinking four different varieties of mimosa, but you can also sample some heavenly Mediterranean food. I promise you won’t regret ordering their falafel buns.


This is the perfect little Parisian cafe in New York with a relaxed atmosphere that will make you want to linger all day. Know that Buvette doesn’t take reservations and almost always has lines for brunch, but with 20 or so enticing options on their brunch menu, it’s easy to understand why.


Photo by Becky Hughes


Mudspot is that artsy East Village friend who you can visit late at night for great coffee and pancakes. This is not for the faint hearted though: Mud is so tiny it almost looks like a bar from outside. Ask for the outside seating area, which is in a little patio deeper inside the restaurant.

Café Habana

If you’re up for something a little more ethnic, Café Habana has a super cozy and intimate, yet fun diner-style atmosphere. The menu is pretty simple, but includes what has been voted the best Cuban sandwich in NYC. Diners also adore the grilled Mexican corn with cotija cheese, chili powder and lime.


Photo by Travis Tan

The Wren

Known for its cocktails, The Wren is the spot for those who take drunching seriously. Just minutes away from campus, The Wren is the perfect place to stumble into on a late Saturday morning if you live near the square.


The Jane is another neighborhood gem in the West Village. It’s like that reliable sister you can always go to for advice (or in this case: brunch). The space is warm and airy and the simple brunch classics are consistently done well. Specialties include creative variations of eggs Benedict, which are available only on weekend, and vanilla bean French toast. Oh and did we mention brunch entrees come with free drinks? Well, now you know.