Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we all know what that means. For those in relationships, it’s a happy, lovey-dovey time, filled with date nights, teddy bears, flowers, and romantic dinners. Meanwhile, the single ladies everywhere are rejoicing in their all black attire, bashing men everywhere, while continuously telling themselves they’re “too good” for their ex. Yeah, yeah, I hear you, but sack up, move on, and realize you don’t need no man to be wined and dined.

Sure, it’s way nicer to have someone pay for your meal (because let’s face it, we’re poor AF), but if you’re a #singlelady treat yourself to a dope meal with your homies. So, regardless of whether you’re on your way to marriage, or on your way to adopt 78 dogs, check out these Miami restaurants for that perfect date atmosphere (even if you’re dateless).



Photo courtesy of @cecconismiami on Instagram

With a South Beach view that speaks wonders, Cecconi’s is guaranteed to get yo girl in the mood… for food (get your mind out of the gutter). Cecconi’s menu spans from gourmet pizzas to veil milanese, assuring that even the pickiest of eaters can fine dine.



Photo courtesy of @soykarestaurant on Instagram

I’m not gonna lie, everytime I go to Soyka’s I tell my mom (yeah she’s my date, hate on it) how I wish a boy would take me here. Sure, that’s a shameless self-promotion (hey boys), but once you step foot into Soyka’s rustic indoor/outdoor restaurant with its sultry jazzy vibes, you’ll be saying the same. And plus, the food is absolutely incredible. From the starting bread, to the salmon penne pasta and bread pudding, it’s impossible to walk out unhappy.

Il Gabbiano


Photo courtesy of @sdaccache on Instagram

Not only is the menu fire and the atmosphere amazing, but the waiters greet you with free served starters like zucchini chips and freshly scooped cheese. But, whatever you do, don’t miss out all their amazing pasta dishes and their savory garlic bread.



Photo courtesy of @monicabair on Instagram

From its on the water vibes, and amazing happy hour prices, to the dank gourmet pizzas, Seaspice won’t disappoint. Get your boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, cat, mom, dad, or your homeless friend on the streets, sit down and relax while you grub your little heart out.

Mandolin Aegean Bistro


Photo courtesy of @jbaumann on Instagram

Oh Mandolin, how I love you. This little hole in the wall restaurant is situated in what us Miami natives call “Midtown” or even “Wynwood.” It’s trendy, it’s artsy, it’s every white girl’s dream.

With greek food that will satisfy any and every taste bud on that little tongue of yours (check out the menu and try telling me I’m wrong), and lights to set the mood, Mandolin would be hands down be my go-to date spot.

Cibo Wine Bar


Photo courtesy of @thenaughtyfork on Instagram

The number of girl’s night out dinners that have taken place at Cibo Wine Bar is probably way higher than one would expect. This Italian cuisine is one for the books. Seriously, the menu is on point.

Love is Blind

Not only is the name adorable, but the food is so, so good. From the mouth-watering croquetas to the “Skinny Lolita” chicken dish, the menu caters to every eater. And not to mention, the dimmed lights, along with the drinks paired with dinner, create a very cozy atmosphere.