Who doesn’t love some good ole’ southern comfort food…mac n’ cheese, fried chicken…y’all know what I’m talking about. But, truth be told, sometimes it can feel a little overdone. Have no fear, these dishes from restaurants around Nashville add just enough to reinvent your favorite Southern classics in the most delicious way possible.

1. Hot Chicken and Waffles from Saint Anejo

OD'ing on fried chicken while I'm in the city of ya'll ? #onlyright #nashville #chickenandwaffles

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Fried chicken is a staple of southern food, but these hot chicken and waffles bring the game to a whole new level.

2. Pork Benny from Urban Grub

Pork Bennie || Nashville #foodisonfleek

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This dish is a must. The pulled pork and chipotle hollandaise sauce spice up your classic eggs benedict. Trust us, forks will be digging into that oozing yolk and the pictures won’t be shabby either. #yolkporn

3. Bonuts from Biscuit Love

Blueberry biscuit "bonuts" can cure your Saturday morning scaries.

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Do you like biscuits? Do you like donuts? Head on down to Biscuit Love and get these amazing bonuts that combine two of the best breakfast foods when you just can’t choose.

4. Fried Pickles and Calamari from Whiskey Kitchen

You had to know fried food would be back. These fried pickles and calamari are a flawless combination for any time of day.

5. The Southerner from Whiskey Kitchen

Yeah, Whiskey Kitchen is just killing the fried food game and sometimes more is less. A more classic southern dish, but the biscuit topped with your choice of fried chicken, ham, steak or fried green tomato with a runny egg still kicks it up a notch.

6. Fried Cookie Dough Egg Roll from Jackson’s

Fried Cookie Dough Eggroll to help get ready for beach season. #eatnashville

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It’s no secret that southerners love to fry things…but a fried cookie dough egg roll? This is definitely a new one to try if your sweet tooth is up to the challenge.

7. Egg, Manchego, Chorizo and Salsa Verde Crepe from The Perch

CREPES! Egg, manchego cheese, chorizo, salsa verde from The Perch. #eatnashville

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and The Perch combines the best of both foodie worlds by putting these traditionally southern Tex Mex ingredients inside a staple French crepe.

Now get to eating that fried food and don’t hold back. Pants with flexible waistbands are recommended.