What pops up in your head when you think of vegan food? Most likely it’s a salad, a block of tofu, and maybe a side of soy milk. Get ready to change your mind because vegan food is anything from ice cream to mouthwatering tacos. Carnivore, herbivores, and vegans can all enjoy these destinations in the Boston area.

1. Veggie Galaxy


Photo courtesy of @veggiegalaxy on Instagram

This Cambridge-based restaurant serves vegan and vegetarian options, although everything on the menu can be vegan and they even have a GF menu. The diner-like restaurant has reasonable prices and a young atmosphere. Grab pancakes at 9 pm or delicious baked mac. Whatever you eat, be sure to get the cheesy fries and a milkshake.

2. Taco Party


Photo by Sarah Allwarden

Vegan tacos? Yes please. You can find Taco Party on wheels or in its permanent location in Somerville, a ten-minute walk from Davis Square. Do yourself a favor and get a chimichurri tempeh taco. Extra plus? GF friendly.

3. My Thai Vegan Cafe


Photo courtesy of @danleyvoss on Instagram

This all vegan cafe located right in Chinatown offers some of the best Thai food in Boston. From spring rolls to pad thai and dishes filled with all the soy-based protein you could get, you’ll be extremely happy you stopped in. Grab some lemon poppyseed cake on your way out. Do it.

4. True Bistro


Photo courtesy of @collinbray on Instagram

Vegan fine dining for a fancy night out in Somerville. Not the most affordable – but hey, even vegans need a nice place for a special date. They offer vegan crepes for weekend brunch, and mouthwatering entrées such as saffron pasta ravioli filled with pesto and cashew cheese. Are you drooling? I’m drooling.  

5. Life Alive


Photo courtesy of @foodietunes on Instagram

Serving all vegetarian and largely vegan meals, Life Alive provides an alternative to raw veggies – steamed veggies! Filled with vegetables the meals create a good natured attitude about the world. So, order your food to go or take a seat on a pillow in the warm environment. You can’t go wrong with either The Goddess or the Adventurer with a smoothie on the side.

6. The Red Lentil


Photo courtesy of @jon_lewis on Instagram

A classy location, but without too heavy prices. Serving an all vegetarian menu with tons and tons of vegan options, the restaurant gives you all the comfort you need. Get some nachos and substitute in vegan cheese, the extra $2 is worth it. Then dig into some Shepherd’s Pie or a sweet potato quesadilla and then later slip into a warm food coma.

7. FoMu Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of @mikejchau on Instagram

Most importantly: vegan ice cream. FoMu has the most interesting flavors made with coconut milk and they even supply the ice cream for Veggie Galaxy. You can try it there or go to one of the FoMu store fronts – either in Allston or Jamaica Plain. They offer baked goods as well and a wide selection of toppings.