Have you ever sat down at a restaurant, glanced at the menu, and wanted to order absolutely everything? This was my exact experience at No. 246, a spectacular Italian restaurant located in the heart of Decatur. The menu is full of traditional Italian dishes, including pastas, pizzas, and so much more. No. 246 is probably one of the most hyped-up recommendations in the Emory foodie community, and let me tell you, it definitely lived up to the talk. It’s the perfect restaurant for a nice dinner out with friends, or even to take your parents to when they are in town. I would recommend getting a bunch of items for your table to share so you’re able to try everything! If you are stumped on what to order, or want to try a new dish, here are my must-try menu items at No. 246.


Once you sit down, you will get complimentary bread that comes with a marinara-based dipping sauce. This is most definitely a step up from the typical bread-and-butter basket you get at most places. The warm slices of bread dipped in the tomato sauce was the perfect start to my meal.

Ricotta al Forno

This baked ricotta appetizer definitely wins my favorite menu item. Our waiter suggested we try it, and I was hesitant to order it at first, as it sounded a little out of my comfort zone. The ricotta comes in a hot cast-iron skillet, baked to perfection, and mixed with a delicious tomato sauce with toasted bread on the side. This dish was unreal and is solely responsible for my obsession with this restaurant.

No. 246 Meatball

My dad always says you can judge the quality of an Italian restaurant by its meatballs alone…so naturally, I had to order the meatball appetizer. This single meatball comes plated covered in sauce, making it so juicy and delicious. It'll leave you wanting to order a second.


Cacio E Pepe

No. 246 really outdid themselves with this dish. If you are ordering a pasta, this is the way to go. The spaghetti was drenched in a thick sauce, with the perfect balance of creamy and peppery.

Spicy Rigatoni Vodka

This pasta was to die for. It wasn’t super spicy, but definitely had a kick that brought all the flavors together. The rigatoni noodle was an ideal size, and  cooked to a perfect al dente consistency. It comes topped with shredded parmesan, the perfect final touch.


Clam Pie

Both of the pizzas we tried were great, but this clam pizza stood out. Don’t get me wrong, I love a simple Margherita pizza, but if you want to try something different, look no further. The crust texture walked the line between crispy and doughy, while the pie was topped with tender clams and a savory white sauce. 


Chicken Parmesan

You can never go wrong with a classic chicken parm dish. This massive chicken cutlet comes breaded, topped with an amazing tomato sauce and cheese melted to an impeccable consistency. Always a must-try for your table.


I was far too stuffed to even think about dessert at the end of the meal. If I had to pick a dessert, however, it would definitely be the “Zeppole,” these mouth-watering fried dough balls. Next time I will definitely save room for this!

I hope this list of my favorite menu items gives you some guidance when you sit down to order at No. 246. Order any of these savory, decadent Italian dishes, and I promise you will not be disappointed.