Going to college in Colorado has a lot of perks, but one of the biggest perks is how easily accessible it is to go skiing or snowboarding. Most resorts are within a two-hour drive, and a personal favorite is always Breckenridge. The skiing/boarding is killer, and the town itself is out of a fairytale. It’s no wonder that people want to spend their weekends there.

I am one of the lucky few people to be able to say I grew up in and around Breckenridge. This being said, when people are there for the weekend, I usually receive a text or two about where they should eat, and I’m here to tell all. What’s better than a recommendation from a local? Nothing, there is nothing better.

1. Crepes A La Cart


Photo courtesy of @sabrinadiec on Instagram

If you are ever driving down Breckenridge’s Main Street and see a huge line of people waiting in line out in the cold, nine out of ten times, I can guarantee it’s for Crepes A La Cart. There is a crepe for every time of the day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and my personal favorite – dessert. From pizza crepes to a crepe cordon bleu, there are so many options to please if you’re in the savory mood. For the sweet tooth, there’s everything from apple streusel crepes to crepes with brie and apples. If all else fails, nothing is more satisfying than a strawberry Nutella crepe after a long day of shopping on Main Street.

2. Euro Deli


Photo courtesy of @eurodeli_breck on Instagram

Stepping into this cafe is comparable to taking a mini trip to Europe, or at least, it feels like it. Euro Deli named all of its inventive panini sandwiches after European cities. If you’re looking for coffee, this place is one hundred times more authentic than Starbucks, and even has freshly baked pastries for you to snack on while your Pierogi’s or Polish sausage is being cooked. Pair any of the lunch items with a glass of wine and sit back and relax – treat yourself.

3. Empire Burger


Photo courtesy of @babeslovebrunch on Instagram

If you’re looking for cocktails and amazing burgers, Empire Burger is the place to go. I’m almost positive if you had a dream about your ideal burger, you could order it here, and you could even substitute a Buffalo or a Turkey patty in. There’s plenty of other menu items like Baja Fish Tacos and Chicken Fingers which go perfectly with the sweet mango chutney dipping sauce. If the mango chutney sauce doesn’t catch your eye, they’re twenty other sauce combinations that will have you wishing you ordered extra fries.

4. Giampietro’s Pizzeria & Pasta


Photo courtesy of @localgirleats on Instagram

Giampietro’s could use a serious upgrade in restaurant space to provide for all the people trying to eat there. It’s no secret how good the pizza is, and the calzones are seriously about the size of my arm. They have everything from Sicilian deep dish style to New York style pizza and everything in between. You can dine on classic Italian baked ziti or manicotti and the occasional splurge for steamed mussels. Giam’s is a local’s favorite and practically everyone else’s favorite too.

5. The Canteen Taphouse & Tavern


Photo courtesy of @thecanteenbreck on Instagram.

Although The Canteen has only been around for about two years, they’re making an everlasting impact on the food scene. Basically, everything this restaurant churns out they make themselves, from the sauces to their smoked BBQ giving the whole place a real authentic vibe. There’s not a lot on the menu not to like, from four cheese grilled cheese to their own gumbo, they even sprinkle Cheez-Its on the mac and cheese. Anything with Cheez-Its on it is to die for.

6. Motherloaded Tavern


Photo courtesy of @comefindyourkind on Instagram

After a long day on the slopes, your hungry stomach is crying out for some down home comfort food. The Motherloaded Tavern is here to grant all your wishes. They deep fry everything, including cheese curds, okra, and even twinkies. That’s right, deep fried freaking twinkies. The modern twist on traditional comfort food is apparent throughout the whole restaurant, and the fun is inescapable. Live bands keep the party going as you and your closest pals make your own s’mores and make even more memories.

7. Modis


Photo courtesy of @chefcaswell on Instagram

A more contemporary dining scene can be found right inside Modis. This place is snazzy, classy and, more importantly, delicious. Modis offers food for food enthusiasts. They even made a ramen dish that tastes so upscale you would wish you could replicate them with the family pack of ramen sitting in your cupboard. If you’re looking to try something new, I promise you’ll find something on the Modis menu, and

If you’re looking to try something new, I promise you’ll find something on the Modis menu, and it’s even more fun just to order the seasonal special and let the Chefs bring the magic to you. While you wait, enjoy a cocktail, if you can even bring yourself to choose just one from the wide selection.