This past summer I visited Croatia with a small group of my friends. As a foodie, I was afraid of what strange food I would find in Croatia: a cuisine I had heard nothing about. I didn't even know where Croatia was (For the record it's in Europe, east of Italy). However, I was shocked at how delicious the food was! I've made a list of my favorite meals there to let everyone know Croatian food exists. And yes, you should try some. 

1. Pizza

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Dylan Stilin

So you've probably had pizza before, but did you know they have AMAZING pizza in Croatia? Croatia's close proximity to Italy means that they have very good Italian food, including their pizza. It was a very happy and very welcome surprise to me. I came across several pizza spots, including great places for a quick, late-night slice, and places for more of a sit-down lunch meal.

2. Truffle Pasta

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Speaking of Italian food...Croatian pasta is incredible. At one particular restaurant, which I visited several times, I got truffle pasta. Since truffles grow in Croatia, it means they're even more delicious than the truffles you'd find at home. 

3. Lamb

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Croatia is known for its meats, and as an avid carnivore, I knew that I had to try the lamb chops. Whether with a side of fries, salad, or just drizzled in tzatziki sauce, the lamb was always juicy and perfectly filling.

4. Gelato

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Amelia Hitchens

Now onto the desserts. Gelato is a staple in any European country, and Croatia is no exception. Gelato is a perfect late-night treat, especially sitting outside by the water. My personal favorite is Raspberry, but lavender was a close second. 

5. Lavender Cookies

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Speaking of lavender...lavender, like truffles, grows in Croatia, meaning that it is an especially delicious ingredient in several Croatian desserts, most notably their cookies, which were virtually impossible to stop eating. I liked them enough that I bought some lavender at a local market, and brought it home so I could (attempt to) replicate the cookies.

6. Crepes 

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Emily Coppella

There were crepes EVERYWHERE. At every restaurant, at every cafe, and every food stand on the street, you could order a crepe, or as they're known in Croatia: Palachinke. My personal order was a crepe with honey and bananas. Although my friends would constantly order and swear by crepes with Nutella and peanuts. It was really a choose your own adventure food experience.

7. Peanut Chips

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I know this final one isn't a fancy meal or a dessert, but I had to end with this Croatian treat because it is truly the best and most unique thing I had there. In Croatia, in every supermarket, they had chips made of peanuts that tasted exactly like peanut butter. As a peanut butter addict, I cannot stress how wonderful these tasted. I was devastated when I could not find them anywhere in America. 

My experience in Croatia was amazing, and the food there did not disappoint. From fancy meals out to sweet desserts to chips that I ate in my bed late at night, Croatian food was truly a surprise to me, and I could not recommend it more highly.