You know that person that whips out their phone every time you're eating with them? That person that doesn't let you drink your coffee without taking a Snapchat first? The person that everyone stares at because they're arranging a mini photoshoot of their dessert? Well, I'm that person. But, chances are that you are too. Here's a list of coffee shops in Orange County that'll have you taking pictures left and right. 

The trend that has emerged in the food industry within the past couple years has been the combination of social media and aesthetics. Food has been taking over Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. One of the areas that has been overflowing with aesthetic desserts and coffee shops is Orange County, California. People flock to Anaheim Packing District or The Anti-Mall to take pictures of the hipster foods and to experience the aesthetic atmospheres. However, with the large population of college students in the area, its an added bonus if their coffee is Insta-worthy and keeps them up. 

So here's a list of 7 Insta-worthy coffee shops in Orange County where you can get your caffeine fix and next Instagram pic. 

1. Kit Coffee

Valentine Ngo

Kit Coffee, located in Newport Beach, is one of those places where you can enjoy some avocado toast and a latte before heading to the beach. The high ceilings and large windows makes the place feel bright and open. While there is a limited number of coffee items on the aesthetic wall menu, there are also some breakfast items to choose from and various pastries to try out.

Instagram: @kitcoffee

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Valentine Ngo

Pictured: Vanilla Latte ft. fake plant

While there are only a couple of tables that are comfortable for studying, there is a bar along the wall and additional seating in the middle of the coffee shop. The various plants that sit atop each table and the latte art always make for an aesthetic photo-op. 

2. Coffee Nature

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Valentine Ngo

Coffee Nature is a cozy shop hidden away in Costa Mesa where you can catch up with a friend or catch up on some homework. Their menu includes coffee, like their signature Rose Latte, and brunch items, like crepes and sandwiches. The earthy interior makes the coffee shop feel homey. The small decorative accents also add to the warm ambience.

Instagram: @occoffeenature

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Valentine Ngo

Pictured: Caramel Macchiato ft. random surfing books

The large number of tables at Coffee Nature and comfy couches are best for studying or relaxing, but if you want to take an eye-catching picture, I would definitely recommend utilizing the huge blackboard that covers the wall. The ambient string lights combined with the textured background make any drink look like something out of a magazine.

3. Hopper and Burr

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Valentine Ngo

Right in the heart of downtown Santa Ana, Hopper and Burr is a coffee shop that is the definition of minimal. If you want a place to study with the least distractions, you can find it here, despite the lively activities going on every day in downtown.

Instagram: @hopperandburr  

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Valentine Ngo

Pictured: Vanilla Latte ft. aesthetic business card

This spacious place and its location make it a coffee shop where you can grab-n-go or sit-n-study. Although there is not much in the shop that you can use as props for your snapchats, the logo itself is enough to make a picture impressive. Their cool coffee cups and pretty latte art are all you really need. 

4. Philz Coffee

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Valentine Ngo

Philz Coffee, unlike the coffee shops listed previously, is not a place you want to study, but one where you can relax on the weekend. Located right across from Huntington Beach, most customers grab a cup of coffee, like their beloved Mint Mojito, and walk around the outdoors shopping center, Pacific City. The laid back decor and friendly workers definitely fit into the whole beach theme and make it one of the most popular coffee shops in Orange County.

Instagram: @philzcoffee

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Valentine Ngo

Pictured: Mint Mojito ft. some leaves

While the ocean breeze and beachy interior make for a relaxing atmosphere, the coffee itself is already worth a shot. However, the view outside Philz Coffee is even better. The view of Huntington Beach and the summer feeling inside the shop make for a foolproof Instagram picture. 

5. Bodhi Leaf Coffee Bar

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Valentine Ngo

Bodhi Leaf Coffee Bar is the coffee shop of the Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders. What's unique about this place in Orange is that they roast their coffee in house and hold classes that teach people more about coffee. If you're a coffee connoisseur, look no further. The cozy industrial feel and nice baristas make it a great place to get some work done or enjoy a cup of joe to start the day. 

Instagram: @bodhileafcoffeebar

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Valentine Ngo

Pictured: Vanilla Latte ft. cute succulent in a cup

Even though you can take the typical coffee picture here (latte art, succulent, wooden table), the warm environment makes the picture instantly intimate. Whether it be a coffee date or study date, you can never go wrong with this place. 

6. BLK Coffee

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Valentine Ngo

The Vietnamese Iced Coffee is well known to have a strong nutty flavor with a strong caffeine kick, and BLK is one of the best places to try it. Although their version of this drink is a very popular menu item, the other coffee drinks that they offer are notable as well. Located in a small business area in Irvine, this coffee shop serves coffee and various food items to a large range of customers from students to Google employees. 

Instagram: @blkcoffeeshop

Valentine Ngo

Pictured: Iced VTM ft. pretty tree

Despite the small space, everything in this shop is so cute that it makes you feel like you're sitting in an office that you don't want to leave. The wall decor with the BLK logo is always a good idea for a photo, and the adorable coffee pictures on the walls make for an aesthetic backdrop. However, not only is the interior design appealing, the environment outside is just as pretty. BLK is the spot for you if you need a pick-me-up or an office away from the office. 

7. Bad Coffee

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Valentine Ngo

And last but not least, we have Bad Coffee. Despite the name, the coffee is actually really simple and delicious. The white walls and tall windows make the shop feel open yet cozy. The atmosphere gives off a minimalistic vibe with a bold personality. This is also shown in the name and logo of the coffee shop.


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Valentine Ngo

Pictured: Vanilla Latte ft. my aesthetic laptop

While the ample bar space and tables make it comfortable to catch up on some work, the gold accents and unique logo are difficult not to photograph. Taking a shot in front of the golden wall or vintage coffee machine are likely to catch the eyes of your Instagram followers. I mean, when are you ever gonna see a dead cup spitting out coffee?

Even though this list is by no means the only noteworthy coffee shops, I would definitely recommend checking out each of these coffee shops in Orange County. Depending on what you're feeling, you can choose one of these places to suit your needs. If you're looking for a good cup of coffee to show off on Instagram, there are many lattes to choose from.