They say that a piece of home always travels with you wherever you go. Given that I’m from Seattle, I had no idea where to eat when I started school at the U of A in Tucson, nor did I know how I could relate my rainy hometown to the dry desert. Sure enough, I asked around for restaurant recommendations from my fellow Tucson natives, and after trying all these places, I was somehow able to find a connection.

1. Party Pack at Eegee’s

tucson native

Photo courtesy of @eegees on Instagram

You’re not a true Tucson native if you haven’t attempted to eat a whole party pack by yourself. Eegee’s party pack is perfect to order when you have a group of friends over or on a hot summer day.

2. The Beni at Prep and Pastry

tucson native

Photo by Caroline Solomon

Prep and Pastry is the place to go for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations or religious holidays. Make sure you order the Beni because that pork belly with poached eggs is unbelievable.

3. Donkey Punch Burger at Lindy’s on 4th

tucson native

Photo courtesy of Steve J. on Yelp

Allow me to brag for a second. Lindy’s is the home of the O.M.G challenge where Adam Richman from Man vs. Food, attempted to complete. Let me also remind you that it’s the spot to hit for a quick and juicy burger. Lindy’s is definitely a place to recommend to any out-of-stater.

4. Wrigley Field at Diablo Burger

tucson native

Photo courtesy of Ray H. on Yelp

If you know someone who loves a good burger with a view, this is the place to take them. Hopefully, they’re into locally grown, grass-fed and hormone free meat. Either way, it’s worth the try.

5. Classic Graze Double at Graze Premium Burgers

tucson native

Photo by Daniel Mathia

Graze is like the Shake Shack of the west coast. With its juicy burgers and awesome selection of dipping sauces, this joint will always satisfy you regardless of the time of day.

6. Cinnamon Roll Griddlecakes at Nook

tucson native

Photo by Daniel Mathia

If Cheesecake Factory and Denny’s had a kid, they would name it Nook. This breakfast place reminds me of a time as a child when my parents made me pancakes on a Saturday morning as I sat in front of the TV watching cartoons. Although there’s nothing like my mom’s pancakes, their cinnamon roll griddlecakes are out of this world.

7. Donuts at Batch Cafe & Bar

tucson native

Photo courtesy of @batchtucson on Instagram

Batch is a really hip place where you take ten minutes to get the perfect angle of your cereal coated donuts just to get a lot of likes on Insta. Not only are the donuts good for your taste buds and camera, but you can even order booze if you feel like being more of an adult.

No matter where you go, you can always feel at home. All of these places will bring you down memory lane in some way and even make you feel like a Tucson native no matter how far away you live.