Oftentimes, the main reason that people cannot stay on track and eat healthy is because of their schedules and don’t have enough time to make a healthy meal. 

However, I’m here to help you find some healthy convenient places to grab a quick bite. While you probably shouldn’t eat out for every meal, because nothing is better than a well-cooked homemade meal, these places will help you feel less guilty about telling your friends and family that you are eating healthy. Perfect for the busy student or working professional who could always use more minutes in the day.

1) Soho Sushi Burrito

Everyone has been talking about the famous sushi burritos and restaurants are popping up everywhere in the city. Not only is a “healthier” option than traditional fast food, I also think that it is tastier and more interesting to eat. I usually get the bowls with salmon and tuna on them and put all sorts of veggies on top. Good and tasty alternative to eating at Chipotle and looking for something more adventurous.

2) Trader Joes

I know, probably not the most conventional choice to grab lunch but Trader Joe’s has some amazing healthy options to choose from. I usually go to the quick bites refrigerated area to grab a salad (Pasadena or Italian are my favorite) or grab a wrap and a healthy drink as well. Be careful while you are here to not get distracted! I can’t tell you how many times I have ended up just shopping for the whole week while I was here…

3) Greens and Proteins

As the name says, they specialize in all things green and full of protein. This place has some great options that are super healthy and will make you want to always eat there for every meal. Everything is great but it can get a little pricey if you are super hungry like I always am. They can also make it for take out for those that are super busy and need to get back to work.

4) Jason’s Deli

Jason’s is super quick and convenient and they have tons of tasty options for those that are indecisive and picky eaters. I usually get a sandwich and maybe a baked potato if I’m feeling super hungry that week. The salad bar is also a great option for those looking to add more veggies to their diet. I also like that they have the calorie count next to each item to remind you to be careful what you eat. *hint hint*

5) MTO Café

I usually stop by here for lunch because it’s nice and close and convenient. MTO has some super delicious options and everything is healthy for you, especially the juices and salads (as always). The burgers and salads are really great and won’t make you feel too groggy so that you can go back to working or studying and be alert and ready to tackle any challenge.

6) PublicUs

One of my favorite cafes in Downtown Las Vegas. PublicUs not only has an amazing menu and coffees for that mid day pick me up, but also a great atmosphere for hanging out with friends or studying. The café has amazing options for lunch or any meal of the day. I prefer the sandwiches and the brunch items because they give me the energy I need for the rest of the day. I also grab an iced coffee and one of their amazing cookies on my way out so I can treat myself for staying healthy!

7) Meraki

Meraki is a relatively new place that just opened that serves some amazing Greek food. Greek food in general is pretty healthy to begin with so it doesn’t hurt that this place makes it even more delicious. I usually get a nice Greek salad with a kebab wrap or get some hummus and pita on the side. The portions are pretty generous so bring friends to share! Don’t get too carried away with ordering here because everything looks so good and healthy.

Interested in more healthy options? Healthy fast food will soon be a thing! 

Or for more common and easy to access options.

Happy healthy eating!