Let's face it: date night is stressful. Amidst the chaos of fixing your hair and trying on outfits, you are faced with the task of choosing a restaurant that simultaneously pleases your palate and satisfies your significant other. If you're tired of the same old restaurants from your date night rotation, try stepping out of your comfort zone this weekend to explore Baltimore's fine dining scene. Here are seven date night restaurants you (and your significant other) are sure to love!

1. Iggies Pizza 

Location: Mount Vernon

Price: $10 for an individual pizza, $17 for a large pizza

Best Dish: Margherita Pizza! Iggies' version is comparable to the type of pizza you'd find in Naples: just classic pizza sauce with a few slabs of mozzarella and some fresh basil. If you're feeling a bit adventurous, try the Anatra Arrosta (pizza topped with roasted duck) or the Funghi (wild mushroom pizza).

BYOB? Yes!

2. Grano Pasta Bar

Location: Hampden

Price: Around $10 for a pasta entree

Best Dish: Whichever pasta your heart desires... seriously! What's great about Grano is that you get to pick out both the sauce and the type of pasta. Choose from six types of pasta and over ten different sauces to create your dream combo! Some of their most popular sauces include Carbonara and Ragu alla Bolognese.

BYOB? Yes!

3. Bar Clavel

Location: Remington

Price: $3.50 each for Tacos de la Tierra (meat or vegetable tacos), $5 each for Tacos del Mar (seafood taco)

Best Dish: Tacos, duh. At Clavel, you can choose from a selection of more than ten different tacos, so there's something (or, you know, several somethings) for everyone. Classic options include Carnitas con Salsa Verde (simmered pork served with warm salsa) and Carne de Res (seared sirloin served with salsa and roasted chile). If you're craving something a little more unique, try the Tacos de Huitlacoche: corn fungus, mushroom and cotija cheese on Clavel's classic corn tortilla.

BYOB? No, but Bar Clavel's agave-infused cócteles are worth trying!

4. Paulie Gee's

Location: Hampden

Price: Around $15 for a (shareable) pizza

Best Dish: "Ricotta Be Kiddin' Me" (Canadian bacon, fennel sausage, ricotta) or its vegan cousin, "In Ricotta da Vegan" (vegan sausage, cashew ricotta, arugula). Paulie Gee's unique selection of regular and vegan pizzas makes it the perfect date night spot for both you and your s/o, regardless of diet(s)!

BYOB? No, but definitely check out the not-so-secret back bar!

5. Abbey Burger Bistro

Location: 2 locations; Federal Hill, Fells Point

Price: $10 for a specialty burger with chips

Best Dish: Meat of the Month! Every month, Abbey Burger Bistro features a new exotic meat (camel, anyone?) that you can substitute into any of their burgers. House specialties include the Baltimore Burger (a classic diner style burger featuring applewood bacon, a sunny side up egg and crab dip) and the Spicy Korean Duck Burger (gochujang spiced duck, sesame mayo, kimchi).

BYOB? No, but you and your s/o can sip on a signature spiked milkshake with your meal! Popular flavors include Cinnamon Toast Crunch (RumChata, Fireball, crunchy cinnamon ice cream) and Creamsicle (whipped cream vodka, ice cream, orange juice).

6. My Thai

Location: Little Italy

Price: Around $15 for a (shareable) entree

Best Dish: Chicken Panang Curry—chicken simmered in a hot peanut curry. My Thai specializes in authentic Thai curries, but if you're feeling something a little more traditional, you can indulge in Drunken Noodles (wide rice noodles with scrambled eggs and vegetables) or Pad Thai.

BYOB? No, but be sure to try their version of the Mai Tai (after all, it's the inspiration for the restaurant's name)!

7. Bottega

Location: Station North

Price: $18 for a pasta entree

Best Dish: Malfatti—spinach and rictotta-stuffed ravioli with brown butter and sage. Bottega's menu of Italian delicacies ranges from pasta dishes to seasonal specialties like butternut squash risotto and pan-seared chicken with wild mushrooms.

BYOB? Yes!

So there you have it—seven new spots to add to your date night bucket list. Whether it's tacos and tequila at Clavel or pizza and wine at Iggies, Baltimore's fine dining scene has so much to offer.