Do you ever have those days where you just lay on your couch all day? You forget how to socialize with real people after sharing all your secrets with your cats and binge-watching on Netflix. You’ve already consumed everything in your fridge from cheap wine to crackers and finished every season of every show on Netflix and then it hits you: it’s time to get out of the house.

There are so many nights we don’t want to step outside our cozy bedrooms to brace the real world even when you want to go out. If you’re developing cabin fever, silently wanting to go out but craving the cozy ambiance of your apartment, make your way over to one or all of these bars. If the thought of fireplaces and killer cocktails tickles your fancy, grab an Uber and make your way over.

1. Mulberry Project


Photo courtesy of @mulberryproject on Instagram

If the thought of  ordering delicious bar food and personally crafting your own cocktail interests you, come scope out The Mulberry Project, hidden in Little Italy. The dark ambiance along with the playlist traps you inside this small but cozy establishment. While you’re here, make sure you order their fries. They are covered in some incredible spices that WILL make you order more than one serving.

2. Molly’s Pub


Photo courtesy of @denizg36 on Instagram

Located on 3rd avenue and the center of coziness, this bar has been run by an Irish family since the 1960’s, naming it a “sheebeen,” an illegal drinking establishment. Upon entering the bar, you will see it resembles a western saloon with sawdust sprinkled throughout the floor and charming interiors with the wood furnishings. Cozy up near the fireplace, grab some dinner…it’s as if you never left your living room.

3. The Tippler


Photo courtesy of @thetippler on Instagram

Stationed under Chelsea Market, The Tippler is a speakeasy bar, still containing fragments and antique fixtures from the rails of High Line Park. If you feel like you want comfort with a side of a conversation, this is a great pick for you. Check out their cocktail menu, especially their “Nice Pear” signature cocktail if you want something tasting like liquid candy.

4. The Blind Tiger


Photo courtesy of @kelly_a_campbell on Instagram

Nestled in the West Village, The Blind Tiger is considered NYC’s Premier Craft Beer Bar, containing the city’s best bar food and only serving wine & beer on their menu. The pub attracts young professionals it may be time to network or engage in some interesting conversation as the pub attracts young professionals. Don’t leave without ordering the grilled five-cheese sandwich.

5. Botanic Lab NYC


Photo courtesy of @botaniclabnyc on Instagram

If you’re feeling ambitious, head to the Lower East Side to get your taste buds tingling. Check out an assortment of house made mixtures. Bitters and teas balance each other to create some creative cocktails while listening to some live music. Sounds like a win-win to me.

6. Ulysses NYC


Photo courtesy of @senoritav on Instagram

Beer and live music go great together, so venture into the heart of the Financial District to check out Ulysses Folk House, housing local bands, brews and more. The interior is divided into the bar, restaurant and a room strictly for live music so customers can be seated based on preference.7.

7. Pocket Bar NYC


Photo courtesy of @swoapey on Instagram

If you’re looking to get classy drunk off of some good wine, head uptown to Hell’s Kitchen. Pocket Bar NYC has been featured as one of the best wine bars in the US. How’s this for a twist? When you order sangria, you get a shark in your drink and a side of Teddy Grahams instead of salted peanuts to nosh on.