Sure, Wisco kids are raised from childhood to have an undying (and sometimes a bit unhealthy, TBH) love of cheese…

Night Cheese

…but no Sconnie diet is complete without some visits to these classic fresh, fried, and family-style favorites:

Ella’s Deli (Madison, WI)


Photo courtesy of @tarzdeszigns on Instagram

Forget about asking groundhogs when it might stop snowing; the TRUE first sign of spring is the ceremonial stripping of the wooden boards from around Ella’s outdoor carousel.

While you can always count on your favorite finger foods being on the menu, this place is so chock full of nostalgic tchotchkes, random pop culture, and locally made artwork that even concentrating on your fries becomes a struggle.

The State Fair (West Allis)


Photo courtesy of @artistic_agriculturalist on Instagram

The one time of the year that it is socially acceptable to eat cream puffs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

while also using them as a delicious accessory.

Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty (Minocqua and Wisconsin Dells)


Photo courtesy of @clare_davis on Instagram

No family trip to the Northwoods was complete without an ENDLESS camp-style breakfast, Babe the Blue Ox hats, and homemade buttermilk donuts.

Babcock Dairy (Madison)


Photo courtesy of @babcock_dairy on Instagram

Wisconsin law states that no childhood is complete until every fourth grade student takes a field trip to the Capitol and Babcock. JK (but not really).

Bonus points if your field trip was in winter and you ate your orange chocolate chip on the steps.

Arnold’s Strawberries (Rudolph)


Photo by Elise Schimke

Or any “pick-your-own” place, really. Strawberries, blueberries, apples, cherries…you’re lying if you say you never snuck a couple when your mom hunched over in the next row.

Just a couple, though–after all, you have to pick more than your sibs.

Al Johnson’s (Sister Bay)


Photo courtesy of @joshmangioni on Instagram


The 8 year-old inside of you needs no additional convincing…

but, just in case–a serving of whipped cream with a side of hot chocolate should do the trick.


Photo courtesy of @miss.wannabe.gene.tierney on Instagram

Childhood complete.

Kopp’s Frozen Custard (Milwaukee)


Photo courtesy of @luckyneko08 on Instagram

Repeat after me: It’s CUSTARD not ICE CREAM. There’s a difference, and all Sconnie kids know it. Nothing that can compete with a scoop of that mysterious Blue Moon from Kopp’s.

Unless it’s a butterburger. Butterburger=BAE.