1. Sweetgreen

Loanne Merlin

2937 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

Yes, the classic custom salad go-to for any salad lover is definitely first on the list of best salad options near Columbia University. The huge amounts of different options that change with the seasons make it possible to never get bored even if you're eating here once a day. Aside from the fact it's more on the pricey salad end, I would recommend this to absolutely everyone. And if you're lucky enough to get a seat, their big windows make it a nice place to sit and eat on sunny days. 

2. Dig Inn

2884 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

An alternative classic lunch for Columbia students that offers more "home cooked" type meals. You can make it a more salad based meal by choosing the mixed green based and vegetables but you can also choose to have a bowl with brown rice and salmon. During the winter, having some warm roasted vegetables can be really nice so if you haven't tried, stop by and order yourself a bowl. 

3. Hula Poke

Loanne Merlin

1028 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

At Hula Poke you have various options for your poke bowls but one of my favourites has to be the poke salad which is basically a poke bowl with lettuce as a base. It's completely different to your usual balsamic-vinegar-salad because it comes with more sushi style toppings and sauces but definitely makes it to the list of best salads near Columbia University. So if you feel like raw fish but not enough for a whole sushi meal, try this.

4. Ferris Dining Hall

Loanne Merlin

Some credit has to be given to the Columbia University Ferris Dining Hall salad bar that, although may get repetitive, in itself is quite good. If you don't like their dressing options, add the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and seasoning that they offer on the side yourself. And if you have time to wait in the line for the pasta station, get some grilled vegetables and toppings with or without pasta to top on your salad. 

5. Westside Market & 6. Milano's Market

Both of these supermarkets near campus offer a salad bar with a huge range of options. The convenience of this option really makes it an easy go-to. You can also get some hot dishes there if you end up not wanting a salad. The prices vary depending on what and how much you add so it is quite feasible to make a very reasonably priced salad. Either way, both remain two of the best salad options near Columbia University.

7. Diana Dining Hall

Loanne Merlin

This dining hall is often forgotten by Columbia students but their salad bar is definitely one of the best salad options near Columbia University. Because of it's location across the street on the Barnard campus, it makes it a great option when you're studying at Milstein and are feeling hungry. On top of that, at lunch, they will take Columbia dining dollars, which most of us have left over and forget to use. The luminous Diana Center is a great place to sit down, take a break and enjoy the sun without sitting outside.

All in all, salads have become increasingly available around campus and whether you feel like you need a break from junk food or are just looking for more meal alternatives, all these salad options near Columbia University can definitely be added to your list. And if you have a kitchen, start making some salads yourself too. Check out this article for some mason jar salad recipes or this one for 31 classic salads.