There is never a time in my life where the perfect ice cream cone or over-the-top sundae hasn't immediately cured my blues or added a little bit of sweetness to an already great day. My best memories of vacations to the beach or even on a snow day was getting an ice cream cone.

So whether you passed (or failed) a test, you're looking to go on a date, or you just need to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out these seven best places to get ice cream in Tuscaloosa. 

1. The Baked Bear

This is personally my top choice to go to because I can get a HUGE waffle cone of awesomeness, or make an ice cream sandwich between either a cookie, brownie, doughnut or both. Plus I can add a number of toppings from sprinkles to brownie pieces, and even drizzle some Nutella on there if I'm feeling really fancy. Located in MidTown Village on McFarland, this California-based franchise opened its doors in Tuscaloosa almost one year ago so if you haven't checked it out by now I highly recommend going. 

2. Frost Bite 

If you're looking for the most Instagram worthy ice cream, head over to Frost Bite on University Boulevard, downtown. They roll their ice cream or use frozen nitrogen to give your ice cream of choice the ultimate creaminess. They also have "dragon bites" which is cereal covered in liquid nitrogen. Plus, they have a very personalized menu from choosing your own ice cream flavors to add on's to toppings (like an entire roasted marshmallow).  

3. Ingram Farms

Ingram Farms is a little hidden secret in Northport located on Watermelon Road. They're a combination farmers market as well as ice cream parlor. Most of their ice cream is homemade or comes from select distributors, but they also have some of the South's finest: Blue Bell ice cream. If you're looking to get a little bit removed from the hustle-and-bustle Tuscaloosa occasionally brings,  take the 20 minute ride out to Ingram Farms and treat yourself to some ice cream and beautiful nature views. 

4. Steel City Pops

Sometimes having to deal with an ice cream cone or having to hold a sundae can just be stressful, so why not get a popsicle? Steel City Pops also located on University Boulevard towards downtown, has a wide array of flavors from creamy chocolate to regular flavored ice pops like mango or blood orange. If you’re lactose intolerant or vegan but your friends aren’t, it’s a great way for you all to have a great time.

5. Freddy's

Freddy's located on 15th St is more custard than it is ice cream but it’s still delicious and creamy. They have a few pre-made sundaes for you to choose from as well as the ability to build your own. They make their custard in-house too which is really cool to watch. Plus, if you’re hungry for some other food or need some salty to go with your sweet (french fries and ice cream, am I right?), you can order from their full menu. Plus, they even have a drive through.

6. Dippin’ Dots

A quintessential part of every kid’s childhood was seeing a Dippin’ Dots stand at an amusement park or at a sporting event and immediately wanting to indulge in that frozen round goodness. In case you’ve never noticed, Tuscaloosa dotes it’s own brick-and-mortar Dippin’ Dots on Veterans Memorial Parkway. You have the option to go through the drive through or go inside and pick up your own little bowl of nostalgia.

7. Dairy Queen

This had to go last on my list because, well, it’s Dairy Queen. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good Blizzard and will die for a chocolate dipped twist cone, but it’s not the most unique experience you’ll have if you’re looking for ice cream in Tuscaloosa. The closest Dairy Queen to campus is located in Northport right off McFarland so if you’re looking for something familiar and always delicious, you can’t go wrong with DQ.


The Country’s Best Frozen Yogurt. Need I say more? Not technically ice cream but the experience overall is still totally worth it. I always love seeing how many different toppings I can cram into my bowl before it spills over. There are two locations for TCBY in Tuscaloosa, one on McFarland in Tuscaloosa and the other on McFarland in Northport. 

There is no bad time of year to treat yourself and grab your friends to go get some ice cream. Be it in a cone or a cup, with lots of toppings or just sprinkles, we all scream for some ice cream.