Living in a college town means that there are plenty of deals around but you need to know when and where. We picked the 7 best places in town to get the most bang for your buck.

1. Champs

This is one of the best deals in State College: Tuesday Nights $1 Nachos from 10pm-12am. For $1, you get a mound of chips and cheesy goodness accompanied by sour cream, salsa, guac, jalapeños and chili. While this is a smaller version of their Bullfight Appeteasers Nachos, they are the perfect size for two to share. Or, if you’re feeling extra hungry, you would be satisfied having one all to yourself. HECK, if you’re starving, order 3 for yourself because $3 for an insane amount of nachos is beyond worth it. Just make sure to order a drink and tip your nice server well!

2. Primanti Brothers


Speaking of Wing Night, the best wing deals in State College is none other than Sunday’s all day at Primanti Bros with not 50 cent, not 49 cent, but 48 cent wings! Perfect for spending NFL Sunday games at a bar without breaking the bank. With 9 flavors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a Sunday at P-Bro’s.

3. The Corner Room 


Photo courtesy of Dave DiCello

Looking for something more substantial than bar snacks? Don’t worry, State College restaurants offer that too! No deal stands out better than a Penn State favorite with The Corner Room. While they offer a variety of different daily specials, their best bang for your buck would be Pasta Monday’s. From 4pm until close, $5.99 can get you all you can eat pasta with a soup or salad. So stock up because an average pasta dish around State College will run you about $12 and this is ALL YOU CAN EAT.

4. Green Bowl 

All you can eat is music to a college students ears, especially when its under $10. Go to Green Bowl for their Lunch Special of endless make it yourself stir-fry goodness. It’s only $8.99 and you can go up as many times as you would like. While it doesn’t provide all of the same options as their $12.99 dinner special, it’s well worth the $8.99. While saving $4 may not seem like a lot, that could be going towards your next budget-friendly meal.

5. College Pizza


Photo by Kellyn Simpkins

Looking for some Italian food but not pasta? College Pizza has you covered. Two slices of cheese pizza, a bread stick and a refillable drink will run you about $3.50. You read that right – only $3.50 for all those cheesy delicious carbs and endless soda.

6. Cafe 210 West


Photo by Sierra Baldwin

Café 210 may be known for its outdoor seating, pitchers and live music but their food is really something to talk about. Aside from their amazing buffalo chicken dip, they have one of the best deals in town. On Monday nights for only $2.50 you can get one of their Burger Baskets, almost equivalent in price to a McDonalds Burger, but with the quality of your summer 4th of July BBQ.

7. Mad Mex


Photo by Shannon Fox

One Chicken Burrito at Chipotle will cost you about $7. Mad Mex offers $6 endless mini burritos on Monday’s with your choice of protein. That means Veggies, Chicken, Tofu, Steak, Shrimp or Portobello Mushrooms are all at your fingertips for $6. Not to mention you can mix it up, first shrimp, then tofu… really the opportunities are endless.

So while you’re on a budget but still want some good grub, check out these local deals that will be sure to keep your stomach, and bank account, happy.