West Chester has some amazing places to grab a bite and most of these spots boast some great burgers for every carnivore and vegetarian around. Here’s a ranking of the best in show in the Downtown West Chester area.

7. Doc Magrogan’s – Old Bay Burger


Photo courtesy of @docswc on Instagram

If you go to this seafood house, but don’t feel like taking the dive for some raw oysters, try this burger. With Old Bay seasoning and Monterey Jack Cheese you can’t go wrong. Pair it with their legendary fishbowl, you’ll feel like you’re at the shore in no time (instead of stressing over those finals).

6. Ram’s Head Bar & Grill – El Fuego


El Fuego is the best Mexican dish inspired burger around. A three cheese blend, jalapeños, pico de gallo, latin spices, and guacamole will have you thankful you didn’t go to Chipotle instead.

5. Landmark Americana – Ahi Tuna Burger


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

You don’t have to like sushi to try this burger. The tuna is cooked rare and topped with bacon, wasabi mayo, lettuce, and tomato. This is a must have if you stop in at Landmark.

4. Barnaby’s – The Cowboy


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

This grilled patty is made with ground beef and topped with cheddar cheese, crispy onion rings, and their amazing and original chipotle ranch sauce.

3. Landmark Americana – Bean Burger


Photo courtesy of @australiangrapejuice on Instagram

For those who don’t eat meat -or don’t like it- the Bean Burger at Landmark is a game-changer. You will never again want to eat some frozen veggie patty or Boca griller. This burger is house made with chickpeas, cannellini beans and is paired with roasted corn, basil pesto, and provolone cheese.

SpoonTip: Sub regular fries with one of their specialties for only a $1. 

2. Roots Cafe – Bison Burger


Photo courtesy of @roots_cafe on Instagram

The Roots Cafe is all about providing locally sourced and organic food that tastes great. The Bison Burger might be a little gamey for newcomers, but it’s worth a shot and has way less fat than beef. At Roots Cafe you can have it with a sunny side egg, greens, tomato, and cheddar between a brioche bun.

1. Saloon 151- Cattle Burger


Photo courtesy of @saloon151 on Instagram

Yes, this is a real burger. Saloon 151 in downtown West Chester boasts its BBQ for a good reason, their sauce. This burger is piled high with two patties, cheddar cheese, bacon, fried onions, and of course their famous BBQ sauce. For as far in the North this restaurant calls home, it gets as close to Southern barbecue as possible.

All of these spots are within walking distance from campus and the surrounding area so check them out to compare for yourself.

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