It’s nearing the end of the quarter and chances are, you’re probably swamped with schoolwork and studying hard for finals. The idea of getting even more wrapped up is the last thing you want to think about, but little do you know, these six places in Davis have deliciously wrapped foods that will change your mind and show you just how good being wrapped up can be.


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1. Kim’s Asian Market

One of the best five dollar meals, ever. #kimbap #obeyyourthirst

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Kim’s Asian Market, the only Korean market in downtown Davis, has the best kimbap you can find. Kimbap is a Korean-style sushi roll consisting of savory pickled radishes, crunchy carrots, eggs, a slice of flavorful fish cake, and rice all wrapped up in seaweed. These $3 trays of kimbap make a quick and tasty meal on those busy school days.


2. Sam’s Mediterranean Cuisine  

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If you want Mediterranean food, the chicken shawarma at Sam’s is the way to go. Fresh vegetables, seasoned chicken, and their yogurt and tahini sauce wrapped in pita is perfect for a healthy and filling lunch or dinner. Not feeling the pita wrap? Don’t worry! You can opt for rice instead.

3. Dumpling House

The homemade pork chive dumplings at Dumpling House in downtown Davis are a must-try. These delectably wrapped packages of pork and chives will definitely keep you coming back for more every single time. For an extra crunch with every bite, you can also ask them to pan-fry your dumplings.


4. Nami Sushi

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Nami Sushi in East Davis is home to a wide variety of Japanese sushi rolls. Be sure to try their salmon hand rolls (hand rolls are only available during dinner), which consist of raw salmon that melts in your mouth, thick slices of avocado, and rice all wrapped up in a nice piece of crunchy seaweed. If you’re not into raw fish, you can always try their unagi hand roll, which substitutes the raw salmon for cooked eel that’s covered in a sweet teriyaki-like sauce called nitsume.


5. Taqueria Guadalajara

Of course we can’t forget about the king of wrapped foods: the burrito. Taqueria Guadalajara in North Davis accommodates all of your burrito desires with a wide selection of mouthwatering meat, fresh pico de gallo, rice, and black or pinto beans. You can also add guacamole, cheese, and sour cream to your burrito creation for an additional dollar.


6. Crepeville


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To top off our wrap journey, Crepeville’s dessert crêpes, which are french-style pancakes, are the absolute best.  You can never go wrong with strawberries and nutella wrapped in a delicate crêpe dough – it’s a classic treat for your tastebuds.


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So what are you waiting for? Go out and try these wrapped foods to unwind and unwrap from all of that stress.