If you're anything like me, you sometimes (OK, often) find yourself day-dreaming about Nutella. You imagine opening the jar, breaking through the gold seal, and dipping your (table)spoon into the perfectly soft chocolate hazelnut spread. This is totally normal. However, if your addiction is severe enough that you can go through a jar in a week, it's time to do something about it. Sure, you could make healthy Nutella at home. Or you could go to the following restaurants and enjoy chocolate-hazelnut delicacies in St Andrews that are guaranteed to satisfy your Nutella cravings. Yes, please.

1. Hot Chocolate

You can snag this Nutella hot chocolate from Northpoint. This delicacy is so overpowering that only true "Nutellies" will be able to finish it. The drink can be consumed in one of two ways: you can either stir the hot chocolate — forcing the dense Nutella that has sunk to the bottom of your cup to melt into the liquid — or you can let the Nutella remnants sit at the bottom. This way, once you've devoured the drink, you encounter the pleasant surprise of untouched Nutella at the bottom of your mug. Yes, you can make a homemade Nutella hot chocolate, but Northpoint's version is guaranteed to really subside your Nutella cravings.

2. Waffles

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Erin Grady

'Nutella' and 'brunch': two words that go together like Ma Bells and Tuesdays. If you're looking to munch on some Nutella at brunch, check out the waffles at The Waffle Co. Both the Chocolate Explosion and the Ferrero Rocher come with Nutella and other sweet, chocolate-y toppings. However, the savvy spender will get a plain waffle and choose Nutella as a topping. This way you can save money and match the chocolate-hazelnut flavour with your favorite berry or fruit.

3. Pancakes

If you're more of a classic pancake fan, head back to Northpoint for more sweet treats. The café tops their pancakes with Nutella, banana slices, and a dash of whipped cream. Don't worry about portion sizes — they are very generous with their Nutella.

4. Crêpes

chocolate, crepe
Breffni Neary

If you're a die-hard traditionalist and believe that Nutella belongs only on crêpes, fear not — at Le Rendez-Vous, you can get your classic Nutella crêpe. Even better, you can get it take-away style, so you can walk the three streets of St Andrews as you flaunt your cultured culinary choice.

5. Banana Bread

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Becky Hughes

That's right; Northpoint has truly outdone itself by appearing three times on this list — this time, for their Nutella banana bread. This treat isn't available everyday, but with a bit of luck, you'll wind up at this café on a day when they're serving Nutella banana bread. This twist on the traditional loaf proves just how versatile Nutella can be, and this slightly more savory option can go well with that latte you've been waiting for all day.

6. Ice Cream

chocolate, ice, cream, ice cream, chocolate ice cream, waffle, wafer, gelato
Amelia Hitchens

Yes, you guessed it; Janetta's is the last stop on this list. A scoop of their Nutella gelato is a surefire way to avoid buying a jar of Nutella and still satisfy your chocolate craving. Buy yourself a scoop of this delicious and refreshing Nutella sensation. Or, better yet, add some Nutella spread to complement the gelato.

If you live in St Andrews, you don't need to buy a jar of Nutella to satisfy your cravings for the Italian chocolate-hazelnut spread. All you have to do is put on your shoes and choose which form of Nutella you're in the mood. I'll see you at Northpoint in five.