Spain is a country known for good food (tapas), and even better wine (sangria). Many traditional Spanish foods are meat and seafood, i.e. not ideal for a vegetarian. However, there are tons of great vegetarian options, especially around the great city of Barcelona. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Teresa Carles

salad, beet, vinaigrette
Malin Ehrsam

In my opinion, Teresa Carles is the yummiest vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona. With an entirely vegetarian menu, the options are plentiful, and delicious. Try the kale salad: organic kale, cherry tomatoes, avocado, mixed sprouts, nori seaweed and lime dressing. For more Teresa Carles awesomeness, check out Flax&Kale, a flexitarian restaurant

2. La Cerería

gnocchi, chicken, salad
Malin Ehrsam

For lunch at many restaurants in Barcelona you will find a menú del día, or a menu of the day. At La Cerería, you can get a starter, main course, dessert and drink for 12,50€ (about $13.30). The menu rotates throughout the year, so it is always worth it to come back and try new offerings.

3. Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe

Malin Ehrsam

This burger joint by Barceloneta Beach offers three (can you believe it?) different veggie burger options. My go-to is the Little Red Corvette, a quinoa burger with portobello mushrooms, roasted green peppers, lambs lettuce and chipotle mayo. Be sure to try the garlic & parmesan fries, they can't be missed. 

4. Brunch & Cake

cheese, salad
Malin Ehrsam

Brunch & Cake is a Barcelona classic. They have tons of options, and will accommodate requests to make meals vegetarian. The ingredients for these delectable options are locally sourced and organic. 

5. TocaTeca

salad, arugula, spinach, cheese
Malin Ehrsam

TocaTeca has traditional tapas, including all of the best vegetarian ones (pan con tomate and patatas bravas). My favorite is the goat cheese salad: arugula, cherry tomatoes, caramelized goat cheese and balsamic. Pan con tomate or tomato bread is a tapas staple, and very good here. 

6. Caravelle

Malin Ehrsam

For the best Huevos Rancheros (without chorizo) in Barcelona, check out Caravelle. This restaurant serves brunch daily. Be sure to try one of their specialty soda options. 

Barcelona is definitely a vegetarian-friendly city. There are tons of restaurants with vegetarian dishes and even more that will happily make accommodations. Buen provecho!