It’s that time of the year again, when everyone in Kingston is wearing sweaters and scarves and the whole world seems to revolve around pumpkin spice. Even though it seems October is all about getting your Insta worthy pumpkin patch picture and picking the most original costume, it’s also home of the single most exciting day of the year–Halloween.

What better way to celebrate than with haunted houses, mysteries and ghost stories… maybe even a few ghosts? If you’re in for a scare or two, grab a buddy and hold on! Make sure you don’t close your eyes too tight, or you might miss out on Kingston's spookiest October festivities.

1. Fort Fright

Masked Horror photo by Thomas Roberts (@tomrdesigns) on Unsplash

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If the classic haunted house is your scene, look no further than Fort Fright! This one-of-a-kind take on the time-old scare is put up annually in our historic Fort Henry, and is taking it to the next level this Halloween as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. Filled with zombies, superhumans, toxic waste zones and more, be ready to escape from this dream gone wrong… will you make it out alive?

2. Improbable Escapes

Krisis photo by Stefano Pollio (@stefanopollio) on Unsplash

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If you’d rather leave the real-life zombies behind, but still want that creepy feeling, then book a ticket with Improbable Escapes! The company, rumoured to be housed in the haunted Ambrosia General, is hosting a Halloween-themed escape room, all taking place within the old abandoned hospital. How fast do you think you can get out? If you can get out at all...

3. Haunted Walk of Kingston

For anyone looking for less jump scares and more goose bumps, take a look into Kingston’s ghostly past on a haunted walk. Expert Ghost Guides will take you on a tour of the dark and untouched corners of this old city, and fill your head with true tales of the undead

4. Kingston Ghost & Mystery Trolley Tour

For those who want to see Kingston's time-old mysteries with a little less walking, you can peer into the paranormal past with a Ghost and Mystery Trolley Tour. Taking you all across town, the trolley tour will feature some of the most chilling tales—some almost 200 years old—and show you all of the less-traversed haunted spots. But don’t worry, you’ll be safe on the trolley—until they let you off in the Cataraqui Cemetery. Are you fearless enough to climb aboard?

5. Kingston Penitentiary

Want a spook that’s a little more relaxed, but still genuine? Grab a friend and explore Canada’s oldest maximum security prison. After 178 years of the ‘mystery behind the wall,’ the guards have opened the door to the rest of us. Book a tour for ninety minutes of real life mysteries, and adventure behind those famous doors.

6. Zombie Walk

Sofía Vainesman

Calling all lovers of Halloween and costumes; this Kingston classic is right up your alley! The 9th annual Kingston Zombie Walk is coming up quick, but the actual walk… maybe not so much. On October 21st watch, walk, or slouch your way through downtown and enjoy a PG, fun-filled, wholesome celebration of the creepiest holiday ever. Make sure to bring your game (or zombie) face!

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So if pumpkin patch photoshoots are not your scene, and you’d rather be out getting spooked than getting (pumpkin) spiced, make sure to grab a friend, hold on tight and let those screams out. Try something new and embrace the historical city we live in. These unique Kingston traditions are sure to scare out the spirit in you!