Ever had a day where you're piled with work, exhausted, and craving good food? In UCLA's quarter system, those days hit you about once a week. For me, the best way to handle it is by packing my books and heading to the nearest coffee shop. Something about the cozy smell of freshly-baked pastries and piping hot lattes gives you the shot of motivation you need to finish off your paper or cram for that upcoming final. So this week, get out of your dorm room and check out one of these ultimate study spots in the form of UCLA coffee shops. Productivity guaranteed.

1. SEAS Café

This adorable café, set up in the 1940s and run by students, is nestled in the back of Boelter's fifth floor. It's peaceful, usually filled with engineering students hard at work, and stuffed with all the snacks you could ever want. If you need a break, you can spend some time looking at the whiteboards covered with sketches and doodles of famous scientists. Best of all, SEAS is home to the cheapest coffee on campus - perfect for a broke college student. 

2. Jimmy's Coffeehouse

A retro-looking neon sign and dark leather booths give Jimmy's its unique vibe. Located in Lu Valle Commons, it is easily accessible from most of North Campus and offers outdoor patio seating if you feel like enjoying the breeze. This is a great place to grab a bite to eat and catch up on work in between classes.

3. Café Synapse

Café Synapse feels like a place of innovation, from the sleek metallic decor to the bright, modern-looking lighting. It offers not just coffee and pastries, but also salads, sandwiches, and pizza, which is ideal for research-focused students on a lunch break. If you spend a lot of time in South Campus, or if you're just looking for a quiet spot to study, head to the Gonda Center and let Café Synapse spark your creativity. 

4. Café 451

Rithana Srikanth

Struggling with a paper? Get some literary inspiration from Young Research Library's Café 451. Named after Ray Bradbury's classic novel (which was written at UCLA!), this café offers the additional perk of easy access to the upstairs library, as well as reading rooms. The colorful study pods nearby, complete with digital screens, make this a great place for group work. 

5. Untitled Café

Rithana Srikanth

With its white walls, bare floors, and simple wooden decor, Untitled Café lives up to its unassuming name. It sits on Broad Art Center's second floor and has huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows that let in plenty of natural light, so you can knock out all the reading for your next class here with ease. Untitled offers a variety of hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, in addition to pastries and sandwiches. 

6. Kerckhoff Coffeehouse

Rithana Srikanth

This coffee shop is my personal favorite. Kerckhoff's warm, lively atmosphere makes you feel at home every time you step in. Established in 1975, its cozy charm stems from the old-school design, complete with antique windows and a piano in one corner. It's always humming with students and music, so if you like having some ambient noise while you study, Kerckhoff is the perfect spot.