The Easter season has officially begun — which means it's time to celebrate! Grab a cupcake, custard, or coffee and donuts — these tasty places around the city will easily satisfy your sweet tooth. 

1. Classy Girl Cupcakes

Need a sugar fix to end your lenten fast? Head down to Classy Girl Cupcakes on 825 N Jefferson St and pick up a delicious dozen to put a smile on your face. These festive treats will impress your guests for any post-Easter-Sunday celebrations you may have. 

2. Red Elephant Chocolate

Chocolate lovers looking for a trendy place to take Instagram pics can also enjoy some handmade treats in the process at Red Elephant. It's the perfect stop on a day trip to the Third Ward, encompassed by several small shops and restaurants. Grab a bite to eat, buy some Summerfest gear, and pick up some truffles on your way out of town. 

3. Leon's Frozen Custard

Talk about a sight to see! Leon’s has been family owned and operated in Milwaukee since 1942.

A popular topic of conversation amongst Marquette Students, Leon’s has some of the best custard you’ll find in town. See for yourself, but don’t eat too much: summer's right around the corner.

4. The Churro Shop at Movida

Nothing better than sugar and carbs in a bite-sized twist amirite? If a simple churro isn’t enough for your sweet tooth, head on down to The Churro Shop where all churros are served with a side of melted chocolate. YUM. Time to kick lent in the butt and get back on that sugar grind.

5. Holey Moley Coffee+Doughnuts

Chocolate, vanilla, sprinkled, glazed, creme-filled, and jelly (jelly has fruit in it right? HEALTHY). What else do you need in the morning besides dessert for breakfast and a hot cup of joe to get the blood running? Stop by Holey Moley Coffee+Doughnut shop in Milwaukee’s Third Ward to start your day off right. 

6. Cold Spoons Gelato

For those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth without the calories, Cold Spoons Gelato is the place to be. A bit of a trek from Marquette's campus on Vilet St., it's definitely worth the extra five dollars for an Uber.

Now go have the sweetest Easter Season 2017 has to offer with these new destinations to add to your bucket list!