It’s that time of year again, yet somehow unbeknownst to you, the last three years have flown by and now it’s you who is the graduate. Cue panic. It’s okay though, because we’ve got you covered so there is no added stress on deciding the best RVA restaurants for your last hurrah.

Here are the best classic spots for you and your bffs to hit up one last time, and the hidden gems you must try before leaving your beloved RVA.

The Classics

Tobacco Company

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A Richmond staple and location of many memorable yet fuzzy evenings, The Tobacco Company is a perfect location for you to go out with a bang and celebrate with friends. The food is great, but the real reason we love TBC is its vibrant social and aesthetic atmosphere.

Pearl Raw Bar


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AKA: The Great Escape. Over the past four years of disheartening “sustainable fish selection” at Dhall, Pearl’s has been a constant friend. Reliable. Even in your darkest moments of fish-snob angst, Pearl’s has met and surpassed your high expectations.

Let’s face it, your graduation can be accredited to to Pearl’s fresh seafood. What better way to say farewell than a delicious dinner with all your favorites at your favorite.


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Richmond’s closest imitation of a terrace in Tuscany, Portico is the ideal setting for one final wine night. Their collection may be a bit pricier than your typical box of Franzia, but afterall, this is a celebratory event. Cozy up at a table by the outdoor fireplace, let a handsome Italian server pour you a glass (or five), and enjoy the evening reminiscing with your BFFs.

RVA’s Hidden Gems

Sure, the Richmond classics are near and dear to our hearts, but graduation is not an everyday occasion. Here are three RVA treasures you’ll wish you knew of 4 years ago:



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Located in the Fan, Graffiato is ideal for a “last meal.” The unique menu features New Jersey and Mediterranean twists on classic Italian. I suggest ordering…everything. Family style. (hence the large posse).

If a grand feast with all your friends isn’t enough to make you feel at home, Graffiato’s large selection of domestic east coast booze surely will.


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Postbellum’s owners describe the post-civil war era as a time of “seeing and being”. Slightly rustic, with a lot of southern charm, the W. Main Street house-turned-restaurant is the perfect place to dine. With 20 craft beers, 6 boutique drafts, and a delectable menu of gourmet bar food, this new restaurant is a true gem amongst RVA’s best. Whether your scene is the outdoor deck, the indoor dining saloon, or the bar railing, Postbellum is the spot for a monumental celebration.

The Magpie


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You do not know the true meaning of savory until you have experienced The Magpie. A gastropub near VCU, Mag’s farm-grown, home-style cooking embodies the definition of real food. Bring your friends, bring your grandma, and share a last meal at Magpie’s to “cheers” all your accomplishments.

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