With parents weekend right around the corner, we all need to figure out where we want to take our loved ones to eat when they come to visit. Although I do love our restaurants on Main Street, lets be honest, I could eat sushi everyday of the week, I want to venture farther off campus and go to places I normally don't get to go to.

We all have to take advantage of either having access to a car or not having to squeeze this meal into our college budgets (hopefully). Here are six killer restaurants you should check out for all meals whether you have family or loved ones are visiting or not. 

1. Mae's Cafe and Bakery  

Sabina Hartnett

Mae's Cafe and Bakery is to DIE for. I went there for brunch with my family and I fell in love with the place immediately. First off, their food is amazing. I think it is impossible to order wrong.

Secondly, you can leave with some delicious baked goods from their bakery. Freshly baked cookies, cakes, pastries, you name it, they have it. We couldn't help but buy different treats to try later in the day.

2. Libby's Market 

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Avery Wolfe

When you go to Bowdoin, you have the luxury of getting to call lobster rolls a Main(e) food group. When is it ever a bad idea to eat one of these bad boys? Especially when they are known to be the best

3. El Camino

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Craving Mexican food? I know I've missed the Mexican cuisine from home since living in Maine. El Camino is a fun place to fulfill those tacos cravings. 

4. Sweet Angel

When driving past this restaurant, I honestly thought that it was a bakery of some sort. Little did I know that this restaurant is home to some of the best Thai food I will ever have. Pad Thai + drunken noodles = happiness. They also do take-out for those perfect stay-in movie nights.

5. Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro 

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Sabina Hartnett

Artisan pizza isn't always on our menu but we are definitely all accustom to our late night dominos orders and super snacks pizza. Tuscan's brick oven pizza makes their pizza extra special along with their fancy toppings.

If pizza isn't your thing, they also have amazing entrees and pasta dishes. Definitely on the pricier and fancier end of these restaurants. 

6. Dolphin Marina and Restaurant

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This restaurant puts you on a time crunch. They close for the season on October 29th so you better head over there quick. Not only do they give you freshly baked blueberry muffins instead of bread, but their menu is full of endless seafood options.

From lobster, seafood lasagna, scallops, and a fish chowder that I quote, "is f***ing DELICIOUS" you will leave in a food heaven. This restaurant is also on the fancier and pricier end of the spectrum.