Do you fancy yourself as one of those people who likes being ahead of the game and finding that hot spot before your friends do? If you answered yes, listen up as I embolden you with the sweet smells of freshly-baked pumpkin bread and the flaky goodness of a warm pastry. Here's six reasons why you should be enjoying your morning treats from Gainesville's own BakerBaker.

1. Morning Bun

Shelby Cohron

Up late last night cramming for that exam that you've known about the whole semester but decided to ignore until now? Let this delectable treat warm you up and replenish the soul that left your body sometime around that third Red Bull.

As a traditional cinnamon roll disguised in the form of a croissant, this wonderful pastry will melt your heart. The best qualities of both — a flaky outside crust that crumbles as you eat it and a gooey, warm interior — are combined here for blissful effects. 

2. Pumpkin Bread

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Shelby Cohron

As a transplant to Florida from New England, I thought I had seen the last of pumpkin spice everything this time of year. Like your credit score and your cholesterol, it turns out pumpkin spice follows you wherever you go. In this case, however, I welcomed it with open arms, like Peter seeing Shadow limping over the hill at the end of Homeward Bound.

The warmth and softness of a slice of pumpkin bread from BakerBaker will transport you to that fall when you were five, and the best thing about life — other than watching Nick Jr. in the afternoons — was diving into a pile of freshly raked leaves. Thank you, pumpkin bread.

3. Croissants

Shelby Cohron

BakerBaker offers a variety of freshly baked croissants. However, I have found that the dark chocolate and caramel versions stand above the rest. Baked with just enough crisp to let you know they are croissants and speckled with a picturesque dusting of powdered sugar, these pastries will service both your morning craving and Instagram feed. Dark chocolate is more modest, keeping its chocolate under wraps until it spills out of the sides, while caramel is a bit bolder showing itself directly on top of the croissant.

4. Pesto Pepperoni Roll

Shelby Cohron

Pesto? Pepperoni? No, you're not at a pizza joint, you're at a bakery. Tricked me at first too, I have to be honest. However, after one bite into this creation I quickly discovered that it belongs at breakfast. Neither flavor overwhelms here, which works to create a wonderful balance to be enjoyed in the medium of a roll. Go ahead and try one. All of the cool kids are doing it. 

5. The People

Husband and wife owners greet you with a smile and salutation as soon as you enter the door. Offering tips on what tastes good (aka everything) or brewing you up a hot espresso drink, they are always friendly and helpful. Remember that one dream when you woke up, walked downstairs into the kitchen and was greeted by your mom, dad, and an assortment of your favorite goodies? Well, it's no longer a dream. 

6. The Environment

Speaking of that kitchen, here at BakerBaker, you can see right into it. When devising the layout of the bakery, Amanda made a conscious decision to allow the customers to see directly in so they could see what goes into what they were eating and how it was being made. While you are watching the magic happen, you can pull up a stool to the counter and enjoy your treat with a side of conversation, either with these genius bakers or a fellow customer who, like you, is happily enjoying a fresh pastry. Fresh baked goods are the best tension breakers.

So now that you have been informed, get yourself over to BakerBaker, support your local bakers, and bask in morning buns and croissants.