Picture this: It’s 11PM on Friday night and you and the bros, or girls, have bar-hopped as far as your feet/wallet/liver will take you. You desperately need some cheap carbs and a casual place for your buddies to chill. What do you do?

Well, if you happen to find yourself in Chinatown or M Street and want THE BEST bang for your buck, look no further than Vapiano.


Photo by Stephanie Dang

German-born, but with an Italian heart, Vapiano delivers the best fast-casual cuisine to all who stumble upon its glory.

Here’s why you should skip the hour-long wait at that new hype bar and head to Vapiano:

1. All the Fresh Pasta


Photo courtesy of restaurantsofmanchester.com

From tagliatelle to spaghetti, Vapiano makes all their pasta in-house daily. Just for you.

2. Vapiano is Hipster

Photo courtesy of fashionbite.co.uk

Instead of waiting for a server or a table, Vapiano operates on a self-seating and serving basis.

3. Easy Bill Splitage


Photo courtesy of Mr. TinDC on Flickr

Instead of dreading about how to split the check (why does everyone only have $20s…?), everyone charges their expenses to individual chip cards. Move aside, Venmo.

4. Lotsa Food, Low Prices


Photo courtesy of Mr.TinDC on Flickr

Look at this mouth-watering fusilli. Under $13. Not only that, but many pastas, paninis and salads are even under $10. What a steal.

5. Cool Vibes


Photo courtesy of blog.bozzuto.com

Plushy chairs and wooden benches, basil and rosemary at every table, and a great crowd…what’s not to love?

6. This Waiter Will Sing to You

If you tell him it’s your birthday, that is. The Internet does not yet know his name, but who could resist such a rich voice?