Everyone in State College loves Champs but up until this past December you had to have a car to get there (or take the bus). Now that Champs has a new location downtown on Allen Street, here are 6 reasons why you should get up and go there now. Seriously, right now.

1. The Champs Cheese-stakes


Photo by Sierra Baldwin

Champs’ cheese-stakes are their specialty. Menu items such as the Garden and Palestra really hit the target when it comes to satisfying your desire for some good food.

2. Empty Space


Photo by Sierra Baldwin

Because this Champs is new, they really do not even have a real sign yet and most people are still finding out about it. If you go to Champs, especially between the hours of 5 and 7 on a weeknight, there will most likely only be a few other people in the restaurant besides you. So, while this time lasts, go there and enjoy not having to wait for a table and having a quiet place to have a conversation.

3. Ambiance

This venue is a bit smaller than the Champs on North Atherton. That and their dim lighting provide a slightly intimate atmosphere which is perfect for dinner conversation or (of course) watching sports.

Champs Sports Grill" src="https://spoonuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2016/02/fit-1.jpeg" alt="Champs" width="800" height="800" />

Photo Courtesy of Champs Sports Grill

4. Waiters

Quick service, check. Nice attitude, check. The waiters at the new Champs downtown are ready to go. Maybe it’s because the restaurant is new… but whatever it is these waiters know how to do their job.

Photo by Sierra Baldwin

5. The Drinks

Champs has great drinks and they are cheap. Try their Amaretto Sour for a sweet lemonade-like drink for only about five dollars. They have a variety of other drinks to choose from.

6. Price

Another great reason to go to Champs is the price. You can get a good meal here for under ten dollars if you want! Or splurge and it’ll still probably come out to less than fifteen dollars. Your bank account thanks you for your wisest decision all weekend.