While you were ‘having fun’ working that shitty summer job, the district was busy popping out one new eatery after another. Here’s what you missed since being away, and where you should bring your friends this week to catch up on everyone’s summer escapades.

Union Market 

On the left side, a young tattoed chef is whipping up Korean tacos, consisting of a soft corn tortilla filled with Bo Ssam (that’s Korean cured pork shoulder with Ssamjang sauce), a spiced kale slaw, sprinkled with sesame seeds, Salsa Roja and fresh cilantro.

6 new places dc

Photo courtesy of TaKorean

On the other side you have a 30 pound brisket wafting you in its direction, glistening with juices. Walk a few feet down, and you’ll find yourself next to DC’s best empanadas prepared on the spot for you. This is Union Market, one of the many new food meccas that popped up around the District while you were too busy slaving away in Gelman.

Union Market is best conquered with a  couple friends, so you can buy a dish at each stand and come together to share the wide variety of plates offered.

Thip Khao

Have you tried Laotian food yet? Now’s the time, as Bon Appetit named Thip Kao, DC’s new Laotian restaurant, one of the top 50 new best restaurants in America in this article. Try the infamous naem khao (crispy rice and cured pork lettuce wraps) and don’t be afraid of the ‘let’s go to the jungle’ section of the menu: Chef Seng Luangrath doesn’t hold back with dishes like crispy fried intestine and spicy pig’s blood sausage.

6 new places dc

Photo courtesy of bonappetit.com


DGS Delicatessen

What did we miss most about being away from the District? Bottomless brunch, of course. There’s nothing like discussing last night’s escapades over unlimited mimosas. Brunch is a religious meal in this city, and the food should be taken just as seriously as the drink. DGS Delicatessen does this right.

For $27, you get a choice of either an appetizer or desert (pro tip: split up your group so you share both) an entree, and an unlimited selection of bloody marys, mimosas, and screwdrivers (that’s orange juice and vodka for ya).

6 new places dc

Photo courtesy of washingtonian.com



On my pizza I would like roasted garlic purée, mushroom truffle, basil spinach pesto,  quattro formaggi, caramelized onions, local mushrooms, 39 day aged pepperoni, roasted peppers, fig marsala… the list at &pizza can go on and on, with one topping sounding better than the next.

The genius DC concept has taken the district by storm, serving up everyone’s favorite new drunchies/munchies.  For an unbeatable $10, you get one of the best oblong pies in the city with unlimited gourmet toppings served in a hip af atmosphere. With over ten locations across DC (inluding both airports! Who said airport food sucks?) you can get your fix anywhere you go.

6 new places dc

Photo courtesy of downtownerdc.com


Dacha Beer Garden

What’s better than drinking beer? Drinking beer in a beer garden. Dacha boasts an impressive selection of American and European craft beers, served in insta-worthy boot shaped glasses. Their menu reflects traditional German beer garden grub with an inventive spin, so you can enjoy housemade wurst and fried pickles with chipotle adobo sauce.

6 new places dc

Photo courtesy of Dacha



People love burritos. People also love sushi. The creators of Buredo had the genius idea of combining the two into burrito sized sushi rolls. With intriguing combinations like the Pai Mei which consists of salmon sashimi, asparagus, pea shoot leaves, pickled red onion, daikon, katsui mirin crunch and toasted sesame mayo, Buredo is fast on its way to becoming the new hot spot for lunch.

6 new places dc

Photo courtesy of eater.com

Grab some friends, or make some new ones, and set out beyond Foggy to do what we were all excited about to come back for: Eat our way through the District.