Ktown, a popular spot for Korean BBQ, bar hopping, and the infamous LA traffic. When going through this section of town, usually all we see are letters we don’t understand (if we ain’t Korean). Here are 6 awesome places you have to try if you’re not craving KBBQ. YAS.

1. Mister Bossam


Photo courtesy of Yelp user Seungwon L.

SPICY CHEESY PORK KOREAN RIBS. Do I need to repeat that? They even make Kimchi Fried Rice for you with the leftover sauce. And they have bossam (pork belly) with different kinds of sauces on top. I cry.

2. M Grill


Photo courtesy of M Grill

For all meat lovers out there, this Brazilian Churrascaria Steakhouse is basically heaven for you. All you can eat meat, from ribeye steak to sausages – this place has it all. Take your date here, when you want fancy but when you want worth it too.

3. Tofu and Noodles


Photo courtesy of Yelp user Addison Y.

This adorable restaurant will make you feel like you’re at your grandma’s house. Servin’ up homestyle Korean cuisine, from dukbokki to their famous Original Knifecut Noodles. Did I mention they don’t use MSG?

4. Han Bat Sul Lung Tang


Photo courtesy of Flickr user T. Tseng

The Korean version of Pho. Known for being comfort food, this ox bone soup is said to cure hangovers and make you feel giddy inside.

5. Beer Belly


Photo courtesy of Yelp user Bun B.

Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and famous for their Death by Duck fries – this place is your calling (on cheat day). Did I mention that it’s a gastropub too? What more could you ask for when you’re splurging? GO ALL OUT.

6. Dino’s Chicken and Burgers


Photo courtesy of Yelp user Jocelyn V.

A small shack, servin’ up their ever most popular Dino’s Chicken and Fries, splattered in their secret ‘juice’. For those days when your guilty pleasures get the best of you. Just do it dirty.