Traveling provides a great mental break from life. But it's a great opportunity to give your body a break, too. Ditching animal products for a week can help you feel good and do good while on vacation. These Miami restaurants have amazing vegan options that will have carnivores wanting more.


Kick your day off to a fresh start with a stop at this happening spot. Whether you're in the mood for oatmeal or an açaí bowl, they've got you covered. With 9 different açaí bowl varieties, you won't get tired. Try the coconut avocado toast or breakfast burritos if you're in the mood for something savory.

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Azita Peters

Plant Food & Wine

Sit out on the beautiful patio where you can enjoy nature while you await food that is too pretty to eat and too yummy to share. The environment is very relaxing, and the staff members are passionate and friendly. They proudly offered to give us a tour of the kitchen. There are no ovens, just dehydrators and a Sous-Vide

The vegan cheese plate incorporated flavors I had never tasted before. It was accompanied by seed crackers and pickled veggies. The flavor combinations will mean you'll have no problem cleaning your plate off, so you'll wanna leave room for dessert. 

I dined in for lunch and found out the dinner menu features a few warm meals. This modern restaurant will make you want to get creative with ingredients and flavors in the kitchen.

Azita Peters

Mister O1

Create your own salad with options including avocado and grilled eggplant. Make your own thin crust pizza or calzone with vegan cheese. The ingredients are so fresh, you'll feel like you're enjoying an authentic pizza in Italy. 

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Imagine waiting in line at a Mexican street market. You smell the delicious flavors cooking, but the line is long. Well, your waiter is waiting in line for you and will bring your order. The concept provides the authentic flavor minus the effort on your end. Restaurant menus can be overwhelming, so here you order off of an iPad after meeting your waiter and can view pictures and read descriptions of menu items.

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This Asian-Fusion restaurant serves unique foods infused to perfection. The spicy fried tofu with avocado and Japanese herbs created crispy and soft textures in each bite. Try the rice hotpot with wild mushrooms and veggies for a creamy risotto-like dish. Sit inside and enjoy the cool vibes or outside by the water and yachts.

Azita Peters

Amore Gelato

Three words: Vegan Hazelnut Gelato. They also have vegan chocolate and vegan almond flavors. Coconut milk is used to create creamy perfection. If you're in the mood for something fruity, they have an assortment of sorbets as well as smoothies and fresh juices.

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Going plant-based doesn't mean you will have to sacrifice taste or presentation. Keep Miami in mind when you're planning your next getaway. Your taste buds (and Instagram followers) will thank you.