Kansas City, MO is well-known for its BBQ nation-wide, but there are so many other great dishes that it has to offer. These may not have originated in KC, but it's been carefully perfected into something truly one-of a kind. Here's a list of some of Kansas City's gems.

1. KC Joe's Slab of Ribs and Fries

This dry rub of ribs is a Kansas city classic with some BBQ sauce. The fries are also a must-try.

2. Peanut's Wings

I don't think there's any other place that I'm willing to wait a minimum of 20 minutes for wings, but be patient, because trust me, it's well worth the wait! These wings are not too spicy, large, such that eating half a dozen is actually a feat, and the manner it is prepared is amazing.

3.Rico's Taco Lupe Tacos

This small little shop is definitely a little gem of KC. Their tacos are street style with an assortment of choices for meat such as chorizo, chicken, and steak that is so flavorful it will make your mouth watering for more. 

Pro-tip: Go on Tuesdays and their tacos are only $1 each.

4. Beignet's beignets

With savory beignets like spicy shrimp and Bronx as well as sweet beignets that can be dipped in delicious creams, Beignet's beignets bring New Orleans to Kansas City.

5. Betty Rae's Ice Cream

Betty Rae's has homemade ice cream with unique seasonal flavors that are sure not to disappoint. From burnt ends ice cream to Coconut macadamia and caramelized white chocolate, their are endless options.

6. Bo Ling's Dim Sum

Dim sum makes a unique brunch experience when you're thinking something besides the typical eggs and pancakes. Enjoy different dishes being pushed around in carts and getting to pick the dish of your choice.

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