Kansas City is well known for its award winning BBQ, and there’s no doubt that moving to this city has instilled a new love for BBQ in me. With so many options available, there is more than enough BBQ for every occasion.

1. Picnic: LC’s BBQ

LC’s BBQ has one of the best burnt ends sandwiches that I’ve ever eaten and is definitely big enough for two people to share. There’s not too much space to sit at LC's, but it’s only a few miles from Loose Park which has lots of picnic tables, making it a great choice for a picnic day.

2. Date Night: Q39

Q 39 is a great place to take a date, with their laid back atmosphere and wide selection of drinks and food. My personal favorite is the No-Jackin’ around Sandwich that combines Q 39’s great classic BBQ with a spicy kick.

3. Special Occasion: Jack Stack BBQ

If you’re feeling something fancier but still want some BBQ, Jack Stack is definitely the place for you. Located in the Plaza, this is a great place to go before formals, dances, or if you’re just feeling something a bit more upscale.

4. Chief’s Game Tailgate: Gate’s BBQ

While many of the BBQ restaurants in Kansas City are closed on Sundays, Gate’s BBQ is open with a number of locations offering fast BBQ that is perfect to bring to Chief’s Tailgate gatherings. Their burnt ends sandwich is a must try.

5. Casual (and Historical): Arthur Bryant's

This BBQ dates back to 1908 when Henry Perry, the “father of Kansas City barbecue” opened an alley stand in downtown Kansas City. The restaurant has been booming ever since, serving many famous people such as Presidents Harry S. Truman and Barack Obama as well as artists such as John Paul White. The restaurant is diner-style, and they are best known for their sauce with tastes of vinegar and paprika that is even sold in the KC airport.

6. Every day: Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

Perhaps one of Kansas City’s most awarded BBQ restaurants, this is the last addition to my list, but hands down my favorite! Their chicken Gumbo is great for the colder days. Their fries are to die for, and you definitely can’t go wrong with a slab of their ribs. There are three locations: the original gas station location, a Leawood location, and one in Olathe.