With less than a month left of school and spring in full bloom, warm weather has arrived and with it comes that sweltering southern sun we all know too well.  But warm weather has its perks, specifically how it’s now socially acceptable to indulge yourself in sweet frozen treats like ice cream. Fayetteville is no stranger to local gems in the form of food trucks and drive-thrus ready to serve quality ice cream to students.

Here’s my personal countdown of some of the best must stop shops, and if you’re like me and find ice cream to be the best way to beat the heat after a long day, you’ve got to take a look.

6. Shake’s Frozen Custard

ice cream

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Hours: 12:00-9pm (open until 11pm on weekends)

Why it’s a must: When it’s the perfect temperature out, Shake’s outdoors walkup ordering system and benches make eating your ice cream that much more enjoyable.  It has a vintage vibe that emphasizes its timeless quality. Not to mention it has just about every topping you could ever imagine available to throw into your order.

5. Maggie Moo’s

ice cream

Photo Courtesy of @bestfoodalex on Instagram

Hours: 11:00-10pm, weekly

Why it’s a must: “Ice Cream Happy Hour” and “Ice Cream Pizza” Need I say more?

4. Chunky Dunk: A Milk and Cookies Truck

ice cream

Photo Courtesy of Bailey French

Hours: Vary throughout the season, so you have to make sure to catch them while they’re open (give ‘em a “like” on Facebook for more details!)

Why it’s a must:  I could start off by saying it has an ice cream sandwich named “The Ron Swanson” and that should be enough to make you want to come here.  This local treasure is an ice cream sandwich food truck that offers customizable or pre-invented treats.

*Bonus: The owner’s mascot (an adorable, well behaved dog) loves to hangout with the customers at nearby picnic tables.

3. Pedal Pops

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @PedalPops on Instagram

Hours: 12:00-6pm

Why it’s a must:  This sidewalk popsicle stand offers heathy, refreshing treats with no high fructose corn syrup, no preservative, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors.  If you’re a Dallas native like me and have been to Steel City Pops then you know what a good popsicle is, and Pedal Pops is a worthy competitor.  How could it not when it’s so sweet yet so guilt free?

2. Burton’s Creamery

ice cream

Photo Courtesy of Bailey French

Hours: Vary throughout the season, 12:00-10pm (open until 11pm on weekends)

Why it’s a must:  This charming food truck is only open certain months on the year, so you have to take advantage when it’s window is open. Not only are the names of each cone witty, they are absolutely delicious. From ice cream covered in fruity pebbles to cones created by University of Arkansas alumni and singer/songwriter Ben Rector, there is something for everyone.

1. Andy’s Frozen Custard

ice cream

Photo Courtesy of Bailey French

Hours: 11:00-11pm (with an added 30 minutes on weekends)

Why it’s a must: If you’re a Razorback, then you’ve been to Andy’s. (And if you haven’t, then you need to head straight there after you’re finished reading this article.)  Andy’s proves that sometimes simpler is better.  While they are known for their concrete mixtures, a vanilla or chocolate custard cone is guaranteed to make you consider becoming a member of their Yum Squad Rewards Program right on the spot.

*Bonus: They even have ice cream available for your dog to chow down on.