We all know Ohio is home to some of the greatest things in America such as LeBron James, Cedar Point, and the Ohio State Buckeyes, but did you know that it is also home to some of your favorite restaurant chains? 

The Buckeye State has been known for being America's guinea pig for different business and restaurant start-ups around the country, but these 6 restaurant chains founded in Ohio launched into some of the country's most popular eats. 

1. Skyline Chili

Although not a universal favorite, this Cincinnati-based chain covers traditional foods such as spaghetti and hot dogs with their famous chili and cheese. Their most popular dish, a Cheese Coney, is a hotdog covered with their secret recipe chili, mustard, and onions. Many people describe Skyline as the food that most represents Ohio because the certainly unique menu is unlike much else across the country. 

2. Max and Erma's

Based in Columbus, Max and Erma's serves classic, American cuisine. From potato skins to burgers, this restaurant is a great choice for any night out. One of the signature items on the menu is an order of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, which are made while you wait and melt both in your hands and in your mouth. 

3. Bob Evans

With a menu consisting of your classic, Midwest, homestyle cooking, it's not a shocker to learn that Bob Evans is based in New Albany, Ohio. You can get breakfast all day, including some of the country's best hotcakes, and farmhouse meals such as turkey and mashed potatoes. 

4. Buffalo Wild Wings

Although Buffalo Wild Wings has become the country's go-to location to watch sports and drink beer, hence the slogan "wings, beer, sports," let us not forget its humble roots. It began in Columbus, Ohio as a place to gather and watch games and has successfully spread across the country. The restaurant also has its famous "Blazin' Wings Challenge" where customers have to eat 12 hot wings in 6 minutes. Classic Ohioans, am I right? I've never been so proud. 

5. Arby's

Beginning in Boardman, Ohio with the goal of starting a fast food restaurant chain that served something other than hamburgers, Arby's most definitely "has the meats." They are best known for their roast-beef sandwiches and notorious curly fries. 

6. Wendy's

The last, and perhaps most famous of them all, was also founded in Columbus, but is now located in 30 more countries with thousands of locations. Everyone loves a good Wendy's, but very few people know that it originates in the best of the Midwest. Competing for top restaurant chain along with McDonald's, Wendy's serves fast food such as burgers, fries, and Frosty desserts and aims to present quality, real food to its customers. 

As an Ohioan myself, I can vouch for the abundance of restaurant chains on every corner, but now, I can differentiate and take pride in the ones that stem from my Ohio roots. O-H!