When you think Michelin star, you think fancy, world-renowned dining. You probably also think: it’s expensive and I have no money.

Although the Michelin guide does publish a list of bib gourmand restaurants that they proclaim are Chicago’s best “cheap eats,” you should experience the real thing. Here’s a list of decently priced restaurants that have earned a Michelin star. Whether you want to finally experience the adult world of dining or just treat yoself, these restaurants are perfect for any occasion.

1. Dusek’s

Photo courtesy of @dusekschicago on Instagram

Dusek’s is located in the beautiful Thalia Hall in Pilsen, Chicago. The best time to go to the restaurant is for brunch and lunch. During brunch, everything on the menu is $16 or less, and cocktails are around $8. During oyster happy hour on Monday from 3-6pm, oysters are $1 each.

2. Longman & Eagle

Photo courtesy of @longmanandeagle on Instagram

All breakfast and lunch items here are below $16. While you may have to splurge a little for dinner, the cheapest entree is also $16, with small plates averaging around $18. Longman & Eagle doesn’t take reservations, so it’s first come first serve.

3. Naha

Photo courtesy of @nahachicago on Instagram

The items on the lunch menu are all $21 and below.

4. Sepia

Photo courtesy of @sepia_pd on Instagram

The lunch entree prices are around $15, but small plates are around $12. In addition, Sepia has an excellent Happy Hour menu. Drinks are and small snacks are all $7.

5. Parachute

Photo courtesy of @parachutechicago on Instagram

The appetizers and small plates during dinner at Parachute cost around $10. If you opt for a more multi-dimensional dish, you may find yourself at the upper end of the price range, with prices ranging from $18-$30.

6. Blackbird

Photo courtesy of @blackbirdchicago on Instagram

Blackbird is located in the food-centric neighborhood of West Loop. Sandwiches and appetizers during lunch are all below $15, while entrees range from $16-$22. During lunchtime, you can also opt for the prix fixe tasting menu of 3-courses at $25.