I finally got around to updating my new iPhone (to get all the new emojis, obviously) and found that it came with some nice new perks. For one, now that my phone’s software has successfully made it out of the Dark Ages, Yik Yak now works (yippee!). And, amazingly, I’m getting some practical use out of my procrastination on it.

Yakkers of St Andrews, your creativity actually astounds me, and I wanted to get some of your opinions on Spoon. So I posed a simple question to the users of St Andrews Yik Yak: “Where would be the best place to go on a date in St Andrews?” There were some strange replies (someone actually said I should buy plane tickets and go topple a Latin American government?!) and some really, really good responses.

So I compiled a list of replies with the most up votes, ignored the blatantly strange (although I must admit they gave me a really good laugh), and now present you with the best places to go for a date in St Andrews, according to, well, you. Take notes, people.

1. North Point

24 North St., St Andrews, KY16 9AQ

Malteser hot chocolate ?? #spoonfeed #spoonsta

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Taking the proverbial cake with the most up votes, North Point is a fan favorite. Supposedly the place where Kate met Wills (for coffee!), taking your date here could mean destiny, or just that you have good taste in pancakes. Either way, there’s no way you can be disappointed with this restaurant choice. Even Yik Yak says so.

2. Balgove Larder

Strathtyrum Farm, St Andrews, KY16 9SF

Steak and fire #mewoman #beefy #barnlife #balgrovelarder

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This one’s a trek so if you’re walking all the way out there I’d say it speaks to your commitment to the relationship, so good for you. Cabbing it would obviously worsen the experience (unless it’s pouring rain, dark, windy, or a combination of all three, then I’d say cab all the way). The good news is you probably won’t run into your ex. Probably.

3. BlackHorn

10 Church St., St Andrews, KY16 9NW

Post-swa lunch, celebrating small things ?

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BlackHorn was pointed out to be an especially good idea for those in catered halls who don’t get dinner service on the weekends. Take advantage of their weekend meal deal, have a seriously good burger, and even share a milkshake (#retro). Also a tip, the little outdoor seating area is fantastic on a clear evening and great for some cold weather snuggling.

4. Topping and Co.

7 Greyfriars Garden, St Andrews, KY16 9HG

St Andreans of Yik Yak, you out-do yourselves. I definitely wouldn’t have thought to include this one without your insightful know-hows. Especially good for these cold and dreary November/December days, Topping and Co. offers tea and coffee as well as nice comfy sitting areas scattered throughout the shop. If whispering to one another over a shared book sounds like your cuppa tea, this is definitely the place for you.

5. Janetta’s

31 South St., St Andrews, KY16 9QR

Yeah, I copped out. Least original place for a first date, and it only got a paltry five up votes (probably for the unoriginality), but just like the Yik Yak poster, I cannot bear to leave out the best ice cream shop in St Andrews. Don’t just settle for the quick scoop, though. Go into the gelateria, sit down, and order something so high in calorie you may shorten your lifespan by a bit. Because you’re worth it.

6. Cottage Kitchen

5 Logies Lane, St Andrews, KY16 9NL

Life decisions. ?

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This quaint little place off Logies Lane is often overlooked for a variety of other establishments, but it shouldn’t be. Their mac and cheese is ridiculously good, as is a variety of other foods, cakes, scones, and more. Let me just say that if I was taken out on a date here, I’d be veryvery happy. And very full.

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Yik Yakkers of St Andrews, you’re kind of strange, but you’re kind of awesome, too. Massive thanks for all of your participation in the creation of this post. Keep on Yakkin’, keep on eatin’, and keep on datin’.