1. The Kitchen

The Kitchen on Pearl Street is offering a 4-course dinner for $75 per person and an optional $35 wine paring. As a potential course idea, you can start your night with roasted beets, pickled apple, frisée pistachio, ricotta salata & honey cider vinaigrette; continued with a foie gras, kumquat pureé, ancho & maple cured butternut squash & hazelnuts second course; seared scallops with red kuri squash purée, romanesco & shaved botarga; and FINALLY end your meal with a chai spiced panna cotta with almonds, honeycomb & candied flowers. I don't know about you but my mouth is watering to taste anything and everything on this course menu. Make a reservation for a guaranteed romantic night at The Kitchen with your loved ones!

2. Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

While we're on the topic of beautiful (like your loved ones), the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse is a restaurant that people rave about on a daily basis. This teahouse originally created as a gift to Boulder from Dushanbe, Tajikistan, has the most colorful walls of any place in Boulder. On Valentine's Day, they are having a romantic 4-course, prix fixe dinner for $55 per guest. Let me give you a little glimpse of a potential course you can indulge in here: first, an oyster trio with wonderful sauces (okay, yum), then a salad with arugula, a poached egg, bacon lardon, and goat cheese (yes please!), then for the third course, a columbian pancake-like food with avocado chimmichuri, wild mushrooms, black bean puree, and a guajillo reduction (um okay YUM), and finally Aish el Saraya, an Arab dessert with syrup soaked breadcrumbs with rosewater, pistachio, and cream. I would be calling them (303-442-4993) and making my reservation right now if I were you.

3. Blackbelly

Blackbelly is accepting reservations for their 5-course pre-fixe menu that I promise you'll want to sign up for right away after you here their agenda for your night: house cured culatello, heart of artichoke, lobster cassoulet, roasted quail (aka "love birds"), and a fancy banana split, all for $75 per person plus an option $35 beverage pairing. Just hearing the food on that course is making my stomach growl! You can call 303-247-1000 to make your reservation for your special night!

4. Chautauqua Dining Hall 

The Chautauqua Dining Hall nestled beneath the Flatirons is providing a Valentine's Day dinner for $55 per person including 4 courses filled with incredibly delicious food. Here is a glimpse of the food your night can be filled with: Baked Camembert with raspberries, almond, honey, crusty bread; then on to a Broccolini & Farro Salad with roasted beets, navel oranges, pickled red onions, radicchio, chimichurri; moving on to a Prosciutto Wrapped Buffalo Sirloin potato cake, sautéed escarole, white truffle, crème fraiche, bordelaise; then finish it all off with a Blueberry Crème Brulee blueberry & orange zest compote. If this course was a potion, it would definitely be a love potion - making your loved one fall deeper in love you with - it's that good. 

5. Zolo Grill

Zolo Grill brings modern southwestern cuisine to Boulder through local, seasonal and organic ingredients made in-house. For their Valentine's Day dinner from February 14th-18th, it's $50 per personfor an a la carte or prix fixe dinner. But enough of the logistics, here is why it's worth it: start off your dinner with a warm corn bread with pickled anaheim honey butter; then move onto their soft shell crab with grilled jalapeños & fresnos stuffed with sweet corn & shrimp, shrimp mayo, arugula; and continue with their wild boar & heirloom bean caldo with pickled tomatillos, cilantro, and warm tortillas entree. To top all of that delicious food off, how does a lemon meringue pie with lemon custard, meringue, ritz-brown sugar guajillo crust, charred lemon jam, vanilla ice cream sound to you? Because I'm currently drooling for some of that. 

Even if you don't have a significant other to go on a "date night" with, all of these places can be perfect for a nice dinner with friends as well! As they say, the way to your lover's heart is through their stomach so grab your phone and make a reservation for any of these restaurants for a guaranteed romantic night! Yay love!