Well Wildcats, we’ve either been traveling, working or sitting at home bored and eating for the past month since finals ended. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been ready to get back to school since the day the semester concluded. As a student who lives in the Hub with no car and relying on friends or Uber to drive me around, University has become my main source for food; freshman I’m sure you can understand. Of course eating $10 meals or less at school is convenient, but I definitely get sick of eating at the same quick and casual places over and over again throughout the year. However, for some reason ordering on Tapingo or EatStreet sounds a lot better than Mom’s cooking right now (sorry Mom, still love you). Basically, I miss Zona and am ready to go back to swiping my debit card ten times a day. Here are 9 places that every student misses over summer:

1. Illegal Pete’s


Photo Courtesy of @bri.gonzales_ on Instagram

Sorry Chipotle, when is the line not out the door here? Whether it’s grabbing a shot of tequila, a cold beer or a filling burrito bowl, I miss queso and waiting in the hot sun for 30 minutes just to devour everything in site in about five minutes.

2. Krispy Kreme


Photo by Stefanie Blumer

Even though it just opened here a few months ago and this is one of their many locations, I can’t wait to go back on late night donut runs with my friends and waking up to a half dozen box of glazed goodness in the morning.

3. Mama’s Hawaiian Bar-B-Cue


Photo courtesy of @mamashawaiianbbq on Instagram

Katsu chicken, rice and potato salad after a day-long tailgate could really hit the spot right now.

4. Jimmy John’s


Photo courtesy of @jimmyjohns on Instagram

Nothing like fast delivery and free smells for a past-midnight snack! Come on, I know you miss that Beach Club or Vito sub.

5. Batch Cafe & Bar

I can taste those cereal coated and chocolate bacon topped donuts from over here… and that side of beer. Oh, and the pasta inside grilled cheese is to die for.


Photo courtesy of @batchtucson on Instagram

6.  Gentle Ben’s


Photo courtesy of @gentlebens on Instagram

Does anyone actually eat here or is it just for Tuesday nights and apps?

7. Frog & Firkin


Photo courtesy of @yelptucson on Instagram

Those nachos or fries with a cold beer sound phenomenal. Whose ready for tailgate season?

8. No Anchovies


Whether you normally go for the single-slice or whole pie, the to-go Parmesan cheese and red pepper flake packets really do the justice to support your comfort food of the night.

9. Sauce


Photo courtesy of @saucepizzawine on Instagram

Last but definitely not least, our favorite go-to Italian food. That pink sauce though.. and the bread rolls. Wow, take me there now.

The list can go on forever because every place is great at the U of A! Two months left and counting until we Bear Down for another great year!