Frosh week at Queen's is an overwhelming time for new students — meeting your roomie, getting used to communal bathrooms, and trying to remember the names of every fellow student you talk to. At home, you would find comfort in one of life's simpler pleasures: a warm, hearty meal. So how do the dining halls at Queen's measure up to your kitchen at home? These were my impressions during my first meal at Queen's University.

1. This place is way too crowded.

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It might be because all of the first-years stick together like a herd of frightened sheep, but a dining hall should never be so packed that I can't see the food around me. I know that we're all afraid of eating alone, but if everyone goes to lunch at the same time, there's literally no room for anyone.

2. The dinnerware is tiny.

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The salad bowls look like they belong in a daycare, not a university, and the cups look like shot glasses. How am I supposed to get my Caesar salad fix and stay hydrated in these conditions?

3. What line am I even in?

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I somehow ended up in this line for food, and since I've already been standing here for three minutes, I guess I'm going to eat whatever they end up serving me. That counts as being spontaneous and carefree, right?

4. The dessert selection is heaven.

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I haven't even eaten dinner yet and the cakes and pastries are calling to me. Will anyone notice if I grab another tray and fill it up? Just trying to save myself the trip I already know I'll take.

5. This is pretty good!

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The portions may be small and the lines may be long, but the food is endless and the carbs are aplenty. Queen's does a great job providing healthy options while also allowing you to binge eat whenever your stomach betrays you. Plus, you can always hack the dining hall. The biggest plus? I didn't have to cook a single thing.

If dining hall food starts getting a little repetitive, I'll probably venture off campus and check out some of the amazing restaurants Kingston has to offer or head over to Metro to try my hand at cooking in the common room. Until then, I'll stick to Leonard Hall — it's way closer to my dorm, anyway.