Seattle is one of the best places to eat sushi. The city is right by the Puget Sound and was considered the best place to go fishing in the US in 2015. That means that every sushi place in Seattle gets nothing but the highest quality of fish, equating to good sushi. 

Good sushi is expensive though. This fact isn't fun for college students like myself who are on a budget but want quality food. Fortunately, many sushi places offer a happy hour which means that broke college students like myself can go enjoy some great sushi without worrying about their wallet.

Here are five great sushi places with happy hours that won't make your bank account cry.

1. Japonessa

Want some flair to your sushi? Japonessa, a top restaurant located downtown, specializes in sushi with a Latin flair. More importantly, they are know for their long happy hours. Their happy hour starts at 11:30 AM when it opens until 6:30 PM. In other words, this isn't just a great happy hour spot but a great spot for lunch or an early dinner.

2. Wann Japanese Izakaya

This place happens to be a favorite spot of mine. Wann's offers a great happy hour with delicious and generous portions of sushi (I once got roughly twenty rolls for $15). Wann's is an izakaya (a Japanese gastropub), so make sure to try the delicious izakaya favorites such as yakitori, aka grilled meat on a stick.

3. Momiji

At Momiji, you get a view with your meal. Even though the exterior of Momiji seems like any other restaurant, the seating surrounds a beautiful enclosed garden. If you come around happy hour, you can enjoy a gorgeous view and sushi made out of fresh ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. And for a fraction of the normal price.

4. Nijo Sushi Bar and Grill

This place is perfect if you want to try a new cocktail with your sushi. That is if you're over twenty-one. Nijo offers high quality sushi from the Pacific Northwest and a wide variety of sake and cocktails. If you're feeling a little adventurous and want to try innovative food and drinks, this is the happy hour for you.  

5. Wasabi 

Wasabi's a la carte combination makes it stand out from other happy hours. You can choose two items from their selection, and together the items cost $10. If you want something closer to traditional sushi fare, Wasabi also offers great sushi platters during their happy hour for a fraction of the original price.

This list contains only a fraction of the great sushi places available around the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is one of the top cities to get high quality sushi not only from restaurants but from supermarkets as well. At some stores in Seattle, such as Uwajimaya, you can buy high quality fish to make sushi. And for a fraction of the price you would pay at restaurants. However, not all of us are sushi chefs. 

So if you're ever in Seattle, make sure to try one of the great sushi places on this list. Especially if it fits in your budget.