Even though the Broncos aren't in the Super Bowl this year, it doesn't mean it's not going to be an exciting game. It's going to be exciting to see the Patriots lose. Buffalo Wild Wings can get boring if you've been there over and over and over. Forget the Super Bowl party at your house and go enjoy the game with some strangers you may become best friends with.  

With Fort Collins' unique beer scene, grab a brew or two and munch on some food while you watch grown men tackle each other over a pigskin ball. That's what football is, right?

1. C.B. & Potts

C.B & Potts is a great place for watching any sports game. They have a huge TV as well as other smaller TVs so you definitely won't be missing any action. They also have their own brewery so you know you'll be drinking some good beer throughout the night.  If you want to grab a bite to eat during the game, they have a wide range of American food from mac and cheese to all kinds of burgers. If that isn't what you're craving, try some of their street tacos. Plus C.B & Potts is a really nice place to be considering this new location just opened up a few months ago and the building is brand new.  

2. Road 34

Road 34 definitely has a typical Fort Collins feel. There are a ton of bikes hanging on the ceiling and the tables are long with benches. While bikes may not go with football, beer definitely does, and Road 34 loves beer. It's the same people who own Three Four Beer Co., so they have their own beers on tap. If you get sick of the beers that everyone else has, Road is the place to go. Grab some grub and try out any of the sandwiches with names like "Naked Homeless Man," "King Richard in the Dirt" and "Pleather Jacket."  

3. The Blind Pig

While not really a sports bar, The Blind Pig will give you a different sporting experience. They don't have a lot of TVs like some of the other places, so you actually could miss part of the game, even if you don't try. While it may not be made to be a sports bar, The Blind Pig gives you an upscale vibe while also giving you some of the feel of a sports bar. Get there early and you can treat yourself to brunch from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. with a one dollar mimosa or a 12 dollar mimosa pitcher. Pre-gaming has never been so classy.  If you get hungry, try the Korean sweet potato falafel taco or the Chimichurri steak sandwich. It's on the pricier side, but definitely worth it. 

4. Ryan's Sports Grill

This place was made to be a sports bar. With 42 TVs around the place, you literally won't be able to miss a second of the game, even if you wanted to. It definitely has the whole sports bar vibe and you will probably be surrounded by football fans all cheering for the Patriots to lose. Ryan's also has food, so if you're drinking a lot, you can sober up with some baked Santa Fe egg rolls or the jalapeno jack burger. You can view the full menu here.

5. William Oliver's Publick House

William Oliver's loves its whiskey. It's a whiskey bar, but if that isn't your thing, the beer they serve is exclusively from Colorado. The place has sort of an Irish pub feel to it, and the Irish love their sports. They also call themselves a "bacon pub," so what more could you want? They have a whole menu where almost everything has bacon in it, so take your pick between the "Pint-O-Bacon," which is strips of bacon in a pint class, or the "Maple Bacon Bourbon Dog." You can view the full menu here.