To all the residents of Knowledge Corridor and everyone living in the quiet city of Gandhinagar, Bhaijipura might not be the place to splurge and dine lavishly, but it sure is the place that will comfort you with tasty and homely food when you are on the low end of your pocket money. With an array of stores and exciting street side food stalls, we have rounded up the top 5 spots in Bhaijipura that have left us wanting more!

1. Cheese Corn Capsicum Sandwich at Havmor

This sandwich makes for a wholesome snack at any point of the day. An outburst of cheese paired with crunchy chips made this sandwich the perfect cheat meal. You might want to pair this with some mustard and ketchup for added effect. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra chips. For dessert we recommend the decadent ice-cream sandwich that’ll make you want to Havmor.

2. Masala Dosa at Jay Bhavani

How could you possibly say no to the comforting masala dosa that Jai Bhavani offers? It is appropriately buttery and delightfully crunchy. However, the star of this show was clearly the tangy sambar and the creamy coconut chutney.

3. Butter Chicken Pizza at Eat Repeat

If you thought butter chicken couldn’t get any better, we have some good news for you. By combining every Indian millennial’s two favourite dishes- pizza and butter chicken, this fusion has become our go-to item for a midnight craving. Not only does it look mouthwatering, but it also tastes heavenly. Imagine the Hemsworth brothers rolled into one fluffy dough!

4. CTC sandwich at Jay Bhavani

This Vada Pav maestro, famous all across Gujarat, really caught us by surprise with its delicious CTC sandwich. Jai Bhavani has 80 branches all over Gujarat, so it’s very easy to find one in any city. Gandhinagar itself has two branches. An open-faced sandwich filled with cheese, tomato and capsicum will surely make you drool. Enjoy this with a chilled drink on a rainy evening!

5. Radhe Sweets

The legacy of Radhe sweets which has been growing since 1972 can be experienced in its huge variety of sweets ranging from the classic (Gulab Jamun) to the contemporary (anjeer chakra). They cater to everyone’s preferences, from the carefree foodies, with their spicy chhole chaat, to the fitness freaks with their sugarfree roasted almond mithai. Our personal favourite is the Kaju Pizza, a classic with a twist! 

These dishes round up the best spots in Bhaijipura to treat yourself when college ain't treatin' you right.