Being born and bred in the beautiful state of Alabama, I’ve been spoiled rotten when it comes to all the delicious dishes I’ve eaten at home and around town. There is nothing better than indulging in a good ole southern meal. Show those friends from above the Mason-Dixon just what they’re missing at these local comfort food restaurants.

1. Pannie-George’s Kitchen

southern restaurants

Photo by Judith Hill

“Pannie-G’s” is the classic after Sunday lunch to start your week. Their bronzed fried chicken breast is plump and juicy while remaining crispy on the outside. All dishes are served in heaping platters allowing the staff to efficiently serve a line of people that is often stretching out the door. To finish off, try the made from scratch deserts, including pecan pie, black berry cobbler and my personal favorite, filling banana pudding.

2. Niffer’s

southern restaurants

Photo by Hannah Hazy

Niffer’s is well-known for their house side of fried cornballs. These creamy cream of corn deep fried nuggets are hard to resist after trying one. Juicy burgers, succulent “fishbowl” drinks and their specialty cheesy potato soup served in a freshly baked bread bowl are among other customer favorites. Whether it’s date night or getting drinks with the guys, Niffer’s remains Auburn staple for locals and college students.

3. Jim ‘N Nick’s

southern restaurants

Photo courtesy of @jimnnicksbbq on Instagram

There is nothing better than heading to Jim ‘N Nick’s or grabbing takeout after a long study session. My personal favorite dishes would have to be the “Not so loaded baked potato” dressed with all the best trimmings. When you’re feeling a little hungrier, try out the cinnamon apples, mac and cheese and slow cooked turnips that pair perfectly with any of their smoky meats. Oh and you can’t forget the irresistible complimentary cheese biscuits,

4. Mike and Ed’s Bar-B-Que

southern restaurants

Photo courtesy of @abigaildorothyjones on Instagram

Get meats by the pound for the family or come in to grab lunch at this laid-back barbecue joint. Their famous lightly breaded chicken tenders are what this establishment pride themselves on and makes them stand out in town. You can never go wrong with their melt in your mouth Boston butts either, flavored with Mike & Ed’s special dry-rub and cooked slow over a hickory fire.

5. Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que

southern restaurants

Photo courtesy of @eatingnola on Instagram

Moe’s is the perfect joint to stop in for a good lunch or dinner and then stick around for the lively night scene that usually features live music. Wine night on Tuesdays draws a pretty big college crowd here in Auburn, where students enjoy a hearty soulful dinner before indulging in $5 wine bottles and beer specials. The best part about Moe’s food is their sides of the day, fresh squash casserole and bacon flavored turnips are at the top of my list of Moe’s favorites.